Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Beauty is again awake at a very unreasonable hour, pre-6am is unreasonable! We are sat side -by-side on the computers and Beauty is playing a game on Nick Jnr, if I could have played this game at 6 I would have been a child genius. It is a Diego(DORA the Explorer Diego) game and it is a cross between Tetris and good old fashioned pairs and she is stunning.
We visited my niece's at the weekend as it was one of the girls birthday, she is 18 a day after Ariel so we bought her an iron and a kettle to take to university.She will be doing English and creative writing and if I my time again I think I would do that degree as not only is it interesting but useful.
We also went to see my other niece's baby who is now 9 months and she is so bonny and sweet, you just want to keep cuddling her she is so lovely.
Before Beauty started Nursery she was seen by a psychologist and her said that she was 9-12 months socially and emotionally and after seeing my niece's baby who is 9 months I can see that in lots of ways the baby is already more mature that Beauty. Beauty may be able to use the computer with understanding, count at least to 30 and sing hundreds of songs but she is still not aware in so many ways. She can tell me she is hungry, ask for a drink, say she doesn't want to go to bed(!) but all of her conversation is in set phrases and whilst they are said with total meaning her conversation is totally one dimensional. Educationally I think she is as bright as any 6 year old but socially she is well on the way to being like Forrest Gump. Don't get me wrong, we have come a long way from the baby who sat in her cot and rocked and totally lived in her own world and I am grateful for that. I read many blogs on the net and so many of the children I read about have some level of autism BUT they are all so different. I am so grateful that Beauty is progressing everyday because I know 2 other children locally who are on the spectrum and are in their own worlds and not progressing and do not have the quality of life that Beauty has.
How can the Tweenies be seen as a terrorist action?
Well Fiona, like teenagers everywhere , spent much of the night watching music videos on TV on TMF and is passed out asleep om the sofa but Beauty does not have the same liking for music videos so now the TV is showing The Tweenies singing Old MacDonald had a farm! Fiona is less than impressed and ie muttering though still more or less asleep.
Beauty does however like the Lily Allen music video where Lily Allen is portrayed as a cartoon.

What do you think of this advert, I think it is brilliant.
I haven't ever really drunk alcohol in my life and it has to be at least 7>8 years since I last had even the smallest amount but I am of the opinion that even though the law in the UK says you can drink a certain amount of alcohol and still drive, I do not believe you should be able to drink any alcohol and drive. I know that if I drank some alcohol and drove within minutes of drinking then my driving would be affected.

Last night we watched Help I'm a Teen Mum and one of the girls didn't want to put her baby to bed early because the baby would get up early and the teen mum felt she wanted to have a lie-in in the morning as she(the teen mum) was grumpy if she got up early and found it difficult to cope with early starts.
I have a cure for that-for the last nearly 7 years Beauty has either spent the night awake or up at some unholy hour. To the teen mum I want to say- YOU WILL GET USED TO IT, the baby will make sure of that!
Yesterday when taking Ariel to the barracks at just past 7am there were older people everywhere, after a lifetime of early starts they seem to find it difficult to break the habit of getting up early.
However after almost 7 years of Beauty I dream of a lie-in-it would be nice.

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Unknown said...

Great commercial!

The one they showed here was of a gorgeous, GORGEOUS baby girl, about 9 months, talking to her grandpa. All smiles, a baby clapping hands.

She was killed along with her parents by a drunk driver. I thought those were very effective.

Drunk driving has such a stigma; you wouldn't know it by Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.




An Irish Blessing

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May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

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May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.