Monday, December 10, 2007


I have been unwell for the last few days with flu symptoms after having a flu jab and all I could think was WHAT IDIOT GETS FLU SYMPTOMS FROM A FLU JAB? However, after surfing the web, I have read that it is possible. I have all the symptoms except I can still walk around so it can't be that bad.I had the jab because Beauty has been sick since September with different viruses, she now has a runny nose type cold-well that's something to look forward to as we still have the remains of the last virus that she gave us-an upper respiratory infection that we all still have.Luckily Beauty is rarely very ill will her infections and will take herself to bed if she really feels poorly. She can't be too bad as she broke another 6 eggs last night!~I am going to buy a tub to hide them in so she can not find them so easily in the fridge-or a fridge lock!
I am not sure how you spell the word but there is a word that I have only heard used in Wales- WILMENTING- it means to be into everything and it aptly describes Beauty's behaviour of late. She is into absolutely everything all the time. She cannot be left for a second.
Eggs are definitely her favourite but yesterday she also destroyed a box of SMARTIES Christmas tree decorations. She didn't want to eat them, she just broke the chocolate and broke it into small pieces.AND the pieces were strewn everywhere.
She also loves to scatter the hay everywhere, empty the salt, line up videos and count vegetables(I FOUND A POTATO WITH PINS STUCK IN IT!). She is also constantly turning up the thermostat in the fridge, the piggy boys were not impressed with carrots for supper on Saturday because she had frozen the cucumber.

On to other more important things-TV!
Letitia Dean is out of Strictly Come Dancing and Nicky is out of X Factor,
I really liked Letita Deans dancing and I thought she was good enough to win and whilst Same Difference are a highly entertaining duet-for a stage show or Disney , Nicki deserved to still be in as she is a very talented singer.
AND I watched Robin Hood, Keith Allen is brilliant as the Sheriff of Nottingham-he is so funny. I also feel that Charlie Brooks(Janine from Eastenders) was brilliant as the mother , Robin told her she needed to improve her parenting skills -well she was prepared to cut her children's arms off to make them look like convincing beggars!

Life was so much simpler at Christmas when my girls were younger!
SnoWhite was sure she wanted GHD's for Christmas and Ariel wanted a suit to wear at dressy army events BUT now they are both on the verge of changing their minds.
Fiona has a list as long as your arm so no problem there, Anastasia's and Belle's presents are posted and they will get money and Beauty has a pram and a pile of activity toys all bought and ready.
I have a monetary limit on what I spend on the girls(allegedly) and it usually works quite well.However a nursing sister that I worked with a few years ago would spend £1000 on each of her 2 children every Christmas and I remember thinking at the time that £1000 each was a criminal amount to be spending.With the money I spend on my girls, presents for friends and relatives and food for the holiday period, the total I spend does not come to £1000.
My girls usually choose things that they really need for Christmas and hate too many surprise presents as they do not want to waste their money on unwanted gifts, they are all good girls really.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the stats from that article are quite eye-opening aren't they?

We've cut right back on the presents for our kids this year (not that we were ever excessive!) - taking a stand before things get out of control.

And for the extended family; for many of them who already 'have everything' they could need, over the last few years we have made donations to charities in lieu of gifts (the charities send them a lovely little card to say that the donation has been received on their behalf). We feel that at least this way the money goes to a good cause instead of being wasted on a token gift that will probably end up in the back of a cupboard somewhere... and hopefully the recipient feels good about the contribution to 'the greater good'... well no complaints so far.

Steve said...

My grandad usually gets a couple of days of nasty flu symptoms after his jab too... but it does leave him clear for the rest of the winter though.

As usual I've blown my budget again this year. Ended up spending over £500 on just presents and I'm annoyed with myself over that... but, if everyone is happy with them they'll be worth every penny!


My favourite charity gifts to donate are donkeys!
I know what you mean about people having everything they want, I am the same.If I need something then I will go out and buy it for myself, so Christmas is difficult for the girls as I have most things that are necessary.
On my present list this year my top 3 are Drawing for Dummies, a sleep mask and kitchen scales and because I really want them I have found it so difficult not to go out and just buy them for myself.
Oh and of course George Clooney is number one on the list-hey a girl can dream!




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.