Saturday, December 22, 2007


I am busily cleaning the house for Christmas even if it is not as fast as usual,my joints seem to have slowed down due to the constant cold but I am slowly getting there.Last night I took Fiona and SnoWhite shopping in Tesco Extra on Western Avenue and it is a BIG shop, well it was so large that after finding the biscuits that I needed to finish a Christmas Hamper I had to go and sit on the seats behind the tills as I just couldn't walk anymore. I left Fiona and SnoWhite to happily wander and buy their Christmas presents.Tesco did not seem as bad as usual due to the fact that all the tills were open and things seemed to be moving pretty quickly , I think that when I go shopping next I will definitely have to use a shopping scooter.

Recently , after not having watched the show in a long time, I have taken to watching Eastenders again!(SORRY). I tend to do my artwork whilst sat at a small folding table in the living room, so I tend to have the TV on plus I am needing to take more rests between activity so overall I am sitting down more - well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it.
I know it's only a story but the whole homelessness issue with Billy and Honey and the children is making me angry. They have been evicted from their flat because Phil Mitchel sold the house and the new landlord wanted double the rent and Billy couldn't afford it and they were thrown out on the streets without the landlord going through the courts.
an image depicting Billy and Honey with their new arrivalBilly and Honey
First of all I would like to punch Phil Mitchel in the head(who wouldn't?) for selling the house and being so unsympathetic but most of all I am angry that situations like this can still happen in the 4th richest nation in the world. Billy may not be the sharpest tool in the box but he works as hard as he can but he always seems to get the bum deal. As with Special Needs Education, I think many areas of the social care system benefit those who SHOUT THE LOUDEST.
I watched a program the other night on TV Called Growing Up Skint

Growing Up Skint follows the lives of young people in three cities around the country. However different their family lives and ethnic backgrounds may be, they all have one thing in common: a chronic lack of cash.
Yet despite missing out on what many families take for granted - school trips, books, birthday treats and holidays - we'll see how they try and defy the odds to succeed and survive.

I really feel that the system does not help and encourage those who really want to work hard and provide for their families.

When I grew up in the 60's my family were very poor due to my father's ill health and times were really hard but after watching Growing Up Skint I can honestly say that for many today the situation is no better and I would say for many a lot worse.


Marla said...

It is interesting for me to hear about these shows from your area. They sound interesting. I wonder if I could Net Flix some of them?

Unknown said...

I've never heard of Eastenders, but then again, I'm from the Midwest and shockingly, do not have cable tv. So tv wise, we're country bumpkins (hillbillies).

I'm looking forward to hearing what you got the kids for Christmas. Frankly, I'm sick of the whole holiday. Except for the actual holiday part.

Hope yours is filled with wonder and hope.

Anonymous said...

I think we get the Eastenders here in Aus - I think... maybe I need to watch some more TV...

... and I think you're right, many people really do it tough these days, and you notice it more around this time of year. You'd think things would get better...


Hi Marla,
I don't think you would really want to bother with Eastenders as it can be pretty depressing at times.However, sometimes the best things on British TV are the adverts and they can be mini-productions in themselves.

Hi Aspiemom,
I assure you that your life is much fuller for not EVER having heard of Eastenders. I also do not have cable TV as I find it difficult enough to get the children off the TV and computers without adding cable to it.

Hi Elissa,
Eastenders can be a little dark at times and whilst I do not watch them I am sure that Neighbours and Home and Away are a lot more entertaining.

Steve said...

We've done nearly all of our shopping on-line this year and having popped into Asda a week ago with a mate - and promptly came straight back out again - I'm heartily glad! Too much noise, movement and tension... people panic buying already. I swear I was getting trolley rage and I didn't even have a trolley!

Thankfully we're now completely done and aren't planning to leave the house again until after Boxing Day! Have a wonderful Christmas, Ally, and we all send our warmest Christmas wishes to you and your family. :-)


Hi Steve,
we went to Asda last night for our usual shop and the shop was a nightmare.Believe it or not Saturday evening is a very quiet time to shop but last night was absolute chaos.It was like being inside a video game and the object of the game was to move as quickly as possible and spend as much as possible!




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