Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am so not a technically minded person yet NTL are driving me to distraction, my house phone has not worked for 3 days (Internet fine!)and neither have many of my neighbours but NTL insist there is nothing wrong and they will send out an engineer .....on Christmas Eve! They are forcing me to get my mobile phone working and I can barely turn the thing on and off I am so useless.I have the sincerest desire to throw my mobile at the first passing Virgin/NTL van.

It is pretty cold here at the moment, obviously not as cold as the parts of the USA and Canada that are experiencing pretty extreme weather but the wind is making it pretty nippy and whilst the temperature is hovering around freezing, the wind is making it feel a lot colder.
In the winter I wear large square shaped scarves, folded into a triangle and worn a bit like an hijab with a fringe but instead of leaving the ends at the front I pass them round the back and tie them in a double knot.

This is how I look(well not quite as pretty but you know what I mean).

I do this so the scarf is more like an 80's 'snood' and when I go into a building I can push the scarf back and it looks just like a scarf around my neck.

However ,I am totally aware that it does look a little like an hijab and complete with my fitted black coat and jeans I do look like a westernised muslim women.
Yesterday I felt like Harrison Ford in the film Witness,
due to problems with the car I had to walk Beauty to and from school and I passed a number of local women walking to the school.Due to the biting wind I was holding my scarf tightly to my head and my scarf really must have look an hijab and I was also wearing sunglasses due to the strong sun.
Well, both women stared at me all the time until they passed me and even when I went to cross the road and turned to check the traffic, one was still looking. I really wanted to ask them if there was a problem and I know I could have been over sensitive but it really felt an uncomfortable situation.
I really do feel like I am from a different age, I wear a head scarf because I hate my head getting cold.The women I passed were wearing skinny jeans with pumps/ballet shoe type footwear with no socks, little thin bomber jackets with no hats, scarves or gloves and they looked really, really cold.
I am sorry but when I get cold fashion has nothing to do with it.
I am sure girls you will be pleased to hear that unlike Harrison Ford in Witness I did not punch anybody!

After reading yesterdays post by Mother of Shrek I came to the conclusion that I am so missing out by not reading so many books lately.I used to read all the current releases but I haven't read a new book in ages.Let's hope that I receive a book for Christmas to get me going.
I think that it must be to do with thinking about books that I have read that last night I dreamed about the book The Time Traveler's Wife and I dreamed that Beauty suddenly gained the ability to time travel And be invisible!
Imagine giving those abilities to a profoundly autistic 7 year old.....now that would be interesting!


LAA and Family said...

I am the same way in cold weather, fashion goes out the window! I pull out my ear muffs and wrap my head up in a scarf. If only I had the hijab look, my look is more like a babushka! I don't care, I want to be warm!

Marla said...

I think the other woman are kinda nutty for wearing no socks and no real coats! Maybe they were looking because they knew you were warm and they were jealous. I like the head scarf hat thing. I may look for one of those. I hate the way snow falls down my back and neck. Or I need a scarf. I just hate the cold.

Steve said...

Fashion should have nothing to do with the practical necessity of keeping warm on a freezing day. If you're warm - you're already way ahead of everyone else who are too busy checking their butts in the windows of Rackhams to notice that other elements about their person have dropped off with the cold!

As for NTL/Virgin - pah! Don't get me started. Karen and I are seriously considering ditching them for another ISP. Awful company.

Casdok said...

Maybe you should start with a book about dreams?!!


Funnier still, yesterday I bought a beanie hat and I looked scarily like Jay from DOGMA whilst wearing it.

Hi Casdok,
perhaps a book about dreams and nightmares!

The babushka look is good too Laa, I can see why the Russians dress like that as we went to Moscow at the end of April and the Moskva river was still frozen over. Now Russia is a scarily cold country.
Hi Marls,
the snood pictured is so like something Nik Kershaw would have worn in the 80's ,though I have seen some really nice modern ones made from fleece in hike,bike and ski shops.

I think it is a conspiracy Steve.....last night a friend was calling round so I asked them to buy a cheap phone on the way.It turned out to be a virgin mobile!


Sorry Marla,
it wasn't meant to come out as Marls.




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.