Wednesday, December 26, 2007

CHRISTMAS IS AS FAR AWAY AS IT EVER WILL BE.....My father's Boxing Day message-every year.

because they make your own family life look like LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE!

Though for entertainment value , the best thing on TV was the Dr Who Christmas Special(filmed in Cardiff). Most entertaining moment was Kylie describing the area around St John's Church/Burger King as ' beautiful'..... and the Queen running out of the palace complete with curlers and corgis.
david tennant

We also love Clive Rowe previously of Tracy Beaker and Magic Card playing mate Of SnoWhite's friend, he is so funny and such a good actor and really added to this years Dr Who Christmas Special.
Sadly Solo Joe with Clive Rowe

Beauty managed to open three presents before losing interest and returning to Noggin!
Her favourite present appears to be a fairy rabbit in a tutu!

Santa brought her a Doodle Pro

Sounds & phrases from Dora & Boots!

She absolutely loves Doodlers and has previously had 2 Fimbles Doodlers and the brilliant thing is they go everywhere with her and they keep her really entertained. I think I should buy one just to keep in the car.
And from PianoMan she had a Silver Cross pram
Silver Cross Oberon Pram

Beauty is still not brilliant at pretend play and so we thought that a pram might help, a very STRONG but DURABLE pram due to Beauty's ability to destroy anything.Also due to the fact that I have 3 daughters in their 20's, it will also be something my grandchildren can use!That is one of the problems with my house, it just isn't big enough because my girls will not let me throw anything away as they love ALL of Beauty's things so much that they want them for their own children. I have a basket of things that I have collected that came from my niece, toys , baby clothes and baby bedding that are still in perfect condition that we are going to give her as a present as she is pregnant with her first baby,She must be 30 now.

Runningman bought Beauty Shrek the Third,she hasn't opened it yet but perhaps that is a good thing because if she had it would be on constantly and I mean CONSTANTLY.

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Whilst Anastasia had, amongst other things

A Welsh T Shirt

Wales Diamante T-Shirt

Belle had a Welsh Rugby Shirt
Whilst SnoWhite had GHD's!
Ariel had a Star Cath Kidston Dressing Gown
and Fiona had a lot of FRUIT stuff!

And I had an electric pencil sharpener.......!


Casdok said...

Didnt they do well!!
Guess what C got??! Yes Shrek the third!!
Wasnt Dr Who great?!
Oh and i watched Pirates of the Caribbian as my step son is in it!!

Steve said...

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!


Hi Casdok,
I love Pirates of the Caribbean,Johnny Depp is so funny.What part did your step-son play?I'm sure he must have had a brilliant time filming that.

Happy Christmas Steve,
I hope you are all having a brilliant time.

Casdok said...

He was a film extra, but you do see him 4 times. And he took some photos of Johnny Depp for me!! :)


I am so envious,I shall have to tell the girls as they like Johnny Depp too.

Marla said...

That little rabbitt is adorable. I am glad you all had a nice Christmas!

Unknown said...

It looks like your kids did quite well in the gift department!

Anonymous said...

Doodlers are very popular in our house too - this year both kids got a small one to keep in the car.

Jack got the Lion King 2 movie this year. We watch Lion King continuously (and have done so for a few years) so we had putting off buying it for so long. Then of course when we tried to buy it it was out of Disney's cycle so lucky enough we were able to track down a copy on eBay... but it's been on non-stop for the last 48 hours...


Hi Marla,
Bunny Boy is the sweetest rabbit and he has the loveliest personality and Beauty is fascinated by him.Whilst the guinea pigs just make her laugh, she and the rabbit get along like mates and chase each other around the garden.


Hi Aspiemom,
I do buy them surprise presents but usually they get presents that they really want and really need and they are quite happy with this.....thank goodness.
Ariel had a dressing gown because it seems that night time fire alarms are popular at her university!
SnoWhite had GHD's because I am reliably informed that it is impossible to live without a pair!
And Fiona had mostly books and CD's.....and why? because she really wanted them and any discussion on the matter I leave to a braver person!


Hi Elissa,
Beauty also loves Lion King 2 and we can always tell when she has been watching it because of the frequent roaring.
Whenever I pass Charity Shops I always pop in to check to see if they have any of Beauty's favourite videos on sale just so we have spares.At one point we had 3 copies of Joseph The Musical!
My children have a talent for 'handbagging' videos that started with Belle.Belle had the habit of pulling out some of the tape on the video and using it as a handle and so making a handbag!Once a video has been 'handbagged' it will no longer work so we have replacements as many people seem to be getting rid of their video collections.

Anonymous said...

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