Thursday, December 20, 2007


Now this is why I will NEVER go on a BIG WHEEL!

Children's big wheel 'nightmare'
Cardiff's Winter Wonderland (Pic by Carl Morgan)

Primary school children were stuck on a big wheel for 45 minutes when a winter treat turned into a "nightmare".

The Wheel of Wales at Cardiff's Winter Wonderland attraction, stopped during the evening while checks were carried out on the doors of all the gondolas.

A choir from Ysgol Gymraeg Coed-y-Gof were among those stranded as the passengers were slowly taken off. One parent described it as a "nightmare".

Cardiff Council, which runs the city centre attraction, apologised.


Gok Wan is one of the nicest guy's on TV.
On his show How To Look Good Naked a girl who hated her butt was asked to look at the butts of 5 women and to guess where she thought in size she would come in the line up. She put herself as a lot bigger than he actually was and so did I!
I put myself at about half way and it turned out that I was a full 5 inches smaller on the butt than the smallest of the girls in the line-up. Now that is better than any Christmas present that money can buy!

Gok Wan
Gok Wan

My feet are so cold this winter that I have bought myself a pair of UGG boots to wear as slippers from where else but Peacocks,one of my favourite shops.And why do I like Peacocks? Because I can park right outside the shop.
Not the branded Ugg boots(though I think they look so amazing-sad or what?)but the cheap synthetic version, I just couldn't wear dead sheep on my feet!I always wear shoes that are synthetic because of being a vegetarian but I do have a leather belt that I bought a while ago and I feel bad about having it in my wardrobe but what do you do with it? I keep it because(sorry if this sounds a bit naff)some animal died to make it and throwing it away seems worse than wearing it!Yes I hear you all saying WHAT A WALLY!

Now what do you think of this amazing card?
You so have to check out the Santoro London website.
Beauty received this card from Anastasia's in-laws in Switzerland and it is so beautiful.The card is a tri-fold and The London Eye and the Helicopter blades rotate and the helicopter is suspended, I think it is stunning. Thank you so much.
Beauty plays constantly with some boxes of blocks that came from Geneva, they are German made and they were Dimitri's when he was little(he is now 26) and his little brother gave them to Beauty when as a teenager his mum said he was too old for them.Beauty loves to stack them and line them up but Fiona has been known to build with them too(she once built a convent for a wind-up nun that belonged to SnoWhite!).


Steve said...

We're big Gok Wan fans too - a genuinely nice, warm guy who wants to make people feel better about themselves. I must admit I have a soft spot for Trinny & Susannah too. They're a little more brash in their techniques but their hearts are in the right place too.

Amazing card by the way!

Marla said...

I have never heard of Gok Wan. Seems pretty cool. That wheel looks huge! It is scary what happened but I still loev all kinds of rides, especially roller coasters.

Casdok said...

Love the card!!
And yes love Gok Wan too.


Hi Marla,
Gok Wan is a stylist who concentrates on people making the most of who they are, whatever their size.He succeeds at making people feel good about themselves without the aid of surgery.And he is also a genuinely nice guy.

Hi Steve,
I do like Trinny and Susannahs but they are way too touchy feely for me.I am afraid if their came to my front door then I would be leaving by the back door.

Hi Casdok,
Gok Wan is such a sweetheart.I think he is the best friend that evrey woman would love to have.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Gok Wan either but he sounds lovely!

And that wheel - totally freaks me out...

PS - We've finally back and blogging, and glad to be catching up on everything!


Hi Elissa,
and the Cardiff Big wheel is only half the size of the London Eye!
I could NEVER go on the London Eye as I would be so scared it would stop and I would get stuck.I can see the situation on the London Eye curled up like a ball on the floor hiding my face.I am terrified of open heights.I remember walking under the Eiffel Tower and being shocked at how high it really was.




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.