Tuesday, December 11, 2007


A very cold night last night- well for Cardiff anyway, I so would not want to be living further north at this time of year.Outside is very frosty and glittery, thankfully sunshine is forecast for all day.
Yesterday I couldn't understand why the car wouldn't work properly and was slow to pull away from stationary.Somehow the Snow Button on the car had been pushed and so the car had generally slowed down for snowy conditions.(which shows how much I know about cars-well apart from watching Top Gear and seeing middle aged men destroy cars!)I did use the snow button once last year when we had a blizzard and the snow didn't melt even under the heavy use of Cardiff traffic but Cardiff is more likely to have rain than snow.I think it is something to do with living on the Bristol Channel.When we stayed in New Orleans it seemed to rain every day but the rain lasted 5 minutes and it dried up straightaway and was gone, a pity Cardiff can't be a bit more like that.

Due to the weather my house is like a laundry,Beauty wipes her hands into her clothes when her hands are dirty-constantly! Yesterday she came home from school covered from top-to-toe in red paint, and then she had to be changed again after eating her tea. Her bedding has to be changed regularly as she still wears nappies to bed and Fiona still baths using 3 large bath towels and changes her clothes every hour! We also have throws over all of the furniture because the furniture is getting a bit tatty PLUS Beauty also gets the sofa filthy. I have seen the most beautiful sofa that I would like but it seems pointless to buy it with Beauty still in destruction mode.I wash the clothes and dry them overnight on a clothes horse/dryer and then finish them off in a tumble dryer, for financial reasons as well as environmental ones.Todays sunshine looks like we good have a good bit of drying weather so I think it is time to wash throws.
On some streets in Cardiff we have a number of pod-type super loos that self-clean after use, the whole of the inside is washed down and dried .I wish my house were like that PLUS I wish that children could also go through the same process.

I had the final mark yesterday for my art project for my AS Level ART and I got an A which I am really pleased with.
For the final piece I did a tree and the marker felt that I could have done more detail into the tree but that was how I wanted the tree to look. I told the lecturer that I would have been happy to have done another painting because I didn't want to add to the painting that I had done but they said not to bother as I had an A and there was no real point.
At present we are doing a portraiture project and as well as my large presentation folder I am also filling a small A5 sketchbook with portraits and the more I do the better I really seem to get. I really do not have much natural talent when it comes to portraiture but I have learnt the techniques and the more that I draw the better I rally seem to get at creating likenesses of people.I am not sure what I should do as a final piece for this project, I have been considering a water colour of my mother but my lecturer thinks a picture of one of my girls might be a good idea.
We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Our house often looks like a laundry during winter - we have to fight our way around clothes drying everywhere!!! (Although hard to imagine that at the moment being in the middle of summer here in Australia).

I'd really like a super-loo type house too - one that self-cleaned... maybe even kids with the same function...

PS - well done on the art project!!!

Marla said...

What about a self portrait. I think those are always lots of fun. Congrats on your A!

Steve said...

Congratulations on the A! We're all really chuffed for you - good for you!

P.S. VERY frosty here too... I think I have my own personal snow button pressed in. Can't seem to get going today!




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.