Saturday, November 24, 2007



Ice-rescue tourists to fly home
M/S Explorer listing - 23/11/07
The Explorer lay on its side in the frozen seas for several hours
Passengers rescued from a cruise ship that sank after hitting ice in the Antarctic Ocean are expected to start their journeys home within hours.

The 154 tourists and crew from the M/S Explorer have been spending the night at a military base on a Chilean island.

They are due to be flown to Chile and then to their home countries. The ship's operator Gap Adventures said they were in "good spirits".

Some 23 Britons, 17 Dutch and 13 Americans were among those on board.

What is it with me and cruises? Remember I also said that I wanted to go on a cruise on the Nile and the scary thing is that I would still go on both. There is also a cruise between St Petersburg and Moscow that I would love to do, when I went to Russia we traveled on a train between the 2 cities so a cruise would be nice to see the country.
I wonder if Qantas do cruises?( just joking).

Also in the news , Ziggy complains that Chanelle' bitch slapped' him!
Well, when they were on Big Brother he messed with her head so much that if he had treated one of my girls like that I would have 'bitch slapped' him myself. Chanelle may have emotional problems but Ziggy is certainly no gentleman and definitely does not know how to treat women properly.
WOW.....I really enjoyed being shallow.

SnoWhite is 22 today and as a birthday present I bought her a very adult coat, it is a dark purple swing coat and it looks really good on her, my baby is all grown up! It must be OK because even Fiona has given it her seal of approval.Anyway, SnoWhite really needed a coat because her present coat looks very similar to the one that Betty wears in Ugly Betty(the pale blue coat).
And I bought her a penguin for her penguin collection!
Carrying on with the shallow theme.....Oh please! Wasn't it just a little bit predictable for Alan Dale(Bradford Meade) to die of a heart attack! Isn't that how he died in The OC and Neighbours? Personally for me he will always be Jim from Neighbours .
And last night Rab (Derek Riddell) from The Book Group showed up as Christina's husband, I love them both as they are both such good actors.Though personally I don't trust him in Ugly Betty!
I also bought myself a new coat, I think the last coat that I bought is about 4 years old and it has gone quite thin and as this winter is promising to be very cold a thicker coat was definitely needed. I have a very long Russian Army style coat but it isn't very fashionable at the moment but I couldn't get rid of it as it is still in very good condition even though it is 8 years old and Russian Army style coats seem to come back into fashion quite regularly.

Beauty has a unique talent with the computer! When she watches short videos on children's channels she stops and starts them in the same way that a DJ does what he does to his records(scratching?) and whilst entertaining for a few seconds, after a while it gets verrrrrrry irritating.Scratching any longer than a minute usually gets the comment........HE GETS IT( from 2 Pints of Lager when Janet tells baby Corinthian something in baby talk-repeatedly and Donna shouts at her!).
I recently bought a new record player which Beauty is banned from playing on, I can imagine her sneaking out of bed at night and DJing for a party for her and the guinea pigs!


Casdok said...

Thanks for that! IM going on a cruise next week!!

Steve said...

I can personally recommend a Nile cruise - definitely the best way to Egypt. I did on in 1999 - it was fabulous and I'd love to go back. Not sure about an Antarctic cruise though... I'm not a fan of being cold!

Happy birthday to SnoWhite!


Sorry about that Casdok but if I were offered a cruise tomorrow, wherever in the world, I would go. I hope that you have a brilliant time and it is somewhere warm. I am going to Fuerteventura in January and I can't wait.


A Nile cruise is first on my list Steve.
SnoWhite says thank you for the wishes,she had 2 pairs of cons and she is proudly displaying them to anyone who will look she is so pleased.

Casdok said...

Am going on the Nile to the xmas markets at Cologne!
These big ships hardley ever sink and they make such a big thing about it. Millions are killed on the roads and yet we all still drive!

Marla said...

I don't think you should go on a cruise. That is all too creepy. Just kidding. Happy birthday to Sno White!

Anonymous said...

And this is why I hate the thought of being in the middle of the ocean!!!

Happy birthday to SnoWhite!


I am personally reassessing my desire to ocean cruise(not that I could afford it anyway). I think that I shall stick with my dreams of the river cruises though, the Nile and the Volga.

LAA and Family said...

I felt bad for the tourists on the Antarctic cruise ship, I bet that was the trip of a lifetime for all of them, what a way for it to end! At least they're okay.

I wish I could take a tour of Europe and Asia by train, maybe some day!

Casdok said...

Thought you might like to know, ive been on my crusie and survived!!
It was lovely!




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.