Thursday, November 08, 2007


I now have another memory that I would rather not have!
When the girls were younger they came home after a sleepover and they were not even 13 and it seemed that they had been allowed to watch the video American Pie, I was not best pleased. When I was younger I watched the film Damien:Omen II (why I couldn't tell you) an all I remember from the film is the sheet of glass coming off the back of the lorry. Yuk!
Because of this I told the girls to choose wisely what they saw as they would never forget the things that they had seen in films even if they had wanted to.
Anyway, back to the point, last night I watched Heroes and I now have another memory that I would rather not have. Sylar, by telekinesis, levitates shards of broken glass and uses them as a weapon and Peter Petrelli gets 'killed' by a piece being embedded into the back of his head. As a nurse, I am not an overly tender soul but sometimes I think that there are things we shouldn't have to see.

Beauty is still off school with her nasty cough so I am being terrorised by Beauty's advert of choice! It is an advert for Wii which keeps popping up on the Disney Channel and a family talk about how the Wii game has transformed their lives and how 7 year old MAX is the King of Wii.
This advert has had only one effect on limit my child's usage of the computer! I want to know 'MAX'S' address so I can send him a football.


Steve said...

I must admit I hate gore-fest films - mainly because they rely on effects rather than a decent script. However, at least Heroes has a decent script! I think there is a bit of a nerd element to gory film effects - people who like them do so not because they have a macabre interest in death and maiming but because they like models and latex and that kind of thing. I've watched some of the Heroes documentaries and they are like kids describing the special latex body parts they've made for the cast members... bizarre. However, for young kids who are unable to separate fantasy from reality it always pays to be careful when letting them watch things.

Personally I wouldn't recommend American Pie to anyone. I have a pretty broad and earthy sense of humour but even I found that film just "nasty".

Casdok said...

I love gorey films!!

Anonymous said...

For years I had nightmares over the witch from the "Wizard of Oz" - yes, lame I know, but I was exposed to it way before I was ready for it (by a friend's parent!).

I don't think people are careful enough with what they show their kids. I often get upset with some of the Xbox games one of my sons friends tells me plays (as a 7 year old). In fact I've banned my son from playing Xbox at his friends house as a result!


I grew up watching The Hammer horror film and I loved being scared by them, I am afraid I have grown up into a scaredy cat when it comes to horror films.My parents were film buffs and loved the cinema and it is definitely something inherited by myself and all my girls.Anastasia is better than IMDB, she knows EVERYTHING about films.She would be good in quizzes,however she is like me and is not too keen on scarey films.

LAA and Family said...

I don't care for gorey movies either. I remember going to a cinema with a date for a scary movie years ago and covering my eyes for most of it! I have never seen Heroes (I think we get it on BBC America here). Not to be preachy or anything, but gorey stuff just seems to go against the dignity of life and the respect that we should have for it.


I think people get too many nasty ideas from what they see on TV or in the cinema. Most of us are intelligent enough not to want to reproduce the horrible things that we see but there are always 1 or 2 people out there who are just not in touch with reality.




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