Friday, November 02, 2007


Well Beauty definitely seemed to be feeling better so when she fell asleep early I took her to her bed and thought she would be there for the night!
Well not quite......
During our 275th watching of Mean Machine(I'm a Brit Flick fan, it comes on TV, I watch it) Beauty awakes, a bit of a temperature but basically seems OK.
AND then she proceeds to be ill .......EVERYWHERE!
My washing machine is again on what seems to be overdrive BUT Beauty has awoken this morning seemly as well as she was yesterday morning, she is again dancing to High School Musical!
It may be chilly outside but I am sure glad that the sun is shining and that I have a garden with a washing line. Anastasia lives in Vienna and typical to other European cities the majority of residents live in apartments, they have a laundry room in their basement but I just could not cope without having a washing line. When we were having our extension built a few years ago and the back garden resembled a bomb site, I used to take my drying over to Runningman's flat because they have communal drying areas in the gardens. When the Anastasia and Belle were little we lived in a flat in Oxford and the flats had communal drying areas on the top of the flats, we had a brilliant view over Oxford's Dreaming Spires.

Fiona and I played a game of Scrabble last night, if Beauty had been awake it would have been impossible as she would have wanted to stack and line up all the tiles. There may be Beauty as well but in many ways Fiona is still the youngest, of the oldest girls anyway and I remember what that was like. I remember my older sisters and brother no longer being interested in Halloween, getting up late on Christmas Day and generally growing up and no longer being interested in childish things.Not that I can imagine Fiona dressing up for Halloween(of course when she is in Uni things will change!) but I have to remember that Fiona, Ariel and Beauty have had a different childhood to the older girls and remember to do things with them. However, as far as Christmas is concerned I don't think any of them will ever really grow up.
My girls were shocked and really felt sorry for Dimitri when they found out that because his family is German their main Christmas celebration is on Christmas Eve and not Christmas morning. They also really felt sorry for the Dimitri and his sister and brother when they found out that they usually have money for Christmas and not a sackful of presents like them.
BUT I spend only £100 on each of the girls for Christmas on gifts whilst I am sure that Dimitri and his brother and sister get lots more BUT it was the whole lack of opening of presents that the girls found so un-Christmassy.

On my 7 most interesting things list I mentioned that I had seen 2 'GHOSTS' so for Steve and anyone else who may be interested, here is an account of my encounter with ghostly apparitions.
When I was 15 I was lying in my bed with my eyes shut but I was NOT asleep and I was NOT dreaming and I opened my eyes to see a semi-solid grey figure standing by the side of my bed. The figure disappeared and I heard no noises and the door of my bedroom did not open or close, what it was I couldn't tell you.
Then a few years ago I was lying on the sofa in my living room in the day time with my eyes closed, again I was NOT asleep and I was NOT dreaming, when I became aware that something was directly in front of me. I said,' DON'T TOUCH ME'(as you would to a ghost!) and I opened my eyes and there in front of my face was a head shaped semi-solid grey 'THING'. As soon as I opened my eyes the shape which appeared to be attached to the far upper corner of the room, retracted backwards and disappeared. What it was I do not know.
In Regenerationwhich is about the poet Siegfried Sassoon and his experiences during the First World War, the psychiatrist discusses how many things we see may be a creation of our own minds, especially during that almost asleep/almost awake time.
I really do not know but I do believe that the human brain has amazing capacities that we as yet do not know how to harness.For example,

Poltergeist activity tends to occur around a single person called an agent or a focus. Foci are often, but not limited to, pubescent children. Almost seventy years of research by the Rhine Research Center in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, has led to the hypothesis among parapsychologists that the "poltergeist effect" is a form of psychokinesis generated by a living human mind (that of the agent). According to researchers at the Rhine Center, the "poltergeist effect" is the outward manifestation of psychological trauma

Perhaps that is what ghosts are, possibly a projection of the human mind.
There is also the othe possibility it is, as one of the servants in the film The Others said, Sometimes the world of the living gets mixed up with the world of the dead.
Who knows!


Casdok said...

I hope your washing machine gets a rest soon!


Just one load to go(hopefully!).

Steve said...

That sent cold shivers down my spine! Disembodied grey things are far more firghtening that a headless horseman waving some chains about any day of the week! I'm sure there's some truth in the theory that paranormal manifestations are actually created by the living. I heard a story of a chaplain at an airbase during WW2 who after a while began to see crosses appearing on the foreheads of some of the air crew. These were always the ones who didn't come back from their missions... he saw someone about it who told him what he was seeing was his own mind externalizing his own guilt about remaining safe at the base while the crews went out every day and risked their lives...

Anonymous said...

It is hard to remember the younger kids sometimes and that they still need to have a childhood like the others. I often think our younger daughter misses out on a bit simply because we get caught up with our son and the 'growing up' process.

Glad to hear the washing is nearly all done!!


Well all my washing is up-to-date!
SnoWhite showed up last night with washing in tow and Ariel showed up about 10:30pm ......with washing in tow.It seems that Ariel has to wash all her army gear to go away with the University Officer training Corp next week.Of course Ariel will be taking her GHD's with her as well!




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.