Friday, November 16, 2007


It is officially winter-well according to SnoWhite anyway, she says it started to get cold from last Monday but SnoWhite no longer gets up really early so she has missed a lot of very cold early mornings.
The other day the weather forecast said that it was to be 2 degrees but it ended up as 2 degrees below zero so YES SnoWhite, it is definitely winter.

Yesterday I was reading through the other blogs that I read and I felt that my blog was very shallow in comparison. When I started to write my blog I decided to call it a Blog On The Spectrum because I wanted it to be about all of my family and for my family. To help keep in touch with my girls and talk about how autism influences our lives but still to talk about every day things, which doesn't always include autism. My blog is definitely not as profound as the other blogs that I read and that makes me feel quite guilty.
I love to write about TV , the news(usually stories of injustice), disability and anything else that happens in my weird and crazy life BUT this doesn't make for a best read blog it seems.HOWEVER, I don't know how people keep up with their blogs when they become very well read because mine is even now quite tiring to do. One of my children commented about my 'eventful' past and suggested writing about that but I DON'T THINK SO.
I love Andrew Collins and his book Where Did It All Go Right?- who needs another miserable childhood or miserable life book, I hate reading them so at the moment I do not have any intentions of adding another mis lit to the best seller list!

Talking about the news, am I missing something here?

Bike sex man placed on probation

Bike sex case sparks legal debate

And they put him on the Sex Offenders register, what a strange case.
For pity sake it was drunken man in his own private space.
I have seen drunken students bare their butts and do much worse in the street(I live in a university city) .
Having worked in hostels I personally feel that the Hostel warden and the cleaners need a good slap for invasion of privacy AND wasting the police time. Anybody who has worked in a hostel has almost definitely seen worse than that, reporting this kind of situation is not going to encourage trust.
He is not a danger to others and especially not a danger to children so what he has done wrong I do not understand.
I have heard many stories(none I can repeat because of privacy)of friends who have worked in casualty(ER) and the things they have had to remove from places..... in future will such people be prosecuted for causing offense to those doing the removing?
Curiouser and curiouser!


Anonymous said...

Are you blogging for yourself or the masses.

I've slowed up blogging... it wasn't much fun anymore and I started deleting/editting old posts.

Have no idea how much more it lasts... no idea who comes. I never put in a counter/tracker. Not certain I care really, since blogging is for me first.



Definitely for the girls to know what is going on at home.

Steve said...

I agree: blog only for yourself - if other people read and enjoy it that's a bonus. As for being shallow... I don't think so! All blogs are personal to their owners and it's always interesting to read other people's takes on everything from food, TV to world politics. God knows the odd TV review has crept into my blog of occasion...! Keep writing for as along as it's a pleasure...

Marla said...

I enjoy your blog! Keep blogging! Every post should not have to be deep and based on autism, I don't think. I need variety too. Blogging does take time. I try and keep it fun. I don't want to feel like it is a job. I like your stories you throw in because it is often pretty unique stuff.

LAA and Family said...

I like your blog as it is also! I love your commentary on the news and pop culture! I like the aspect of autism support I get from reading other blogs, but almost as equally I enjoy the variety of personal perspectives that I come across too.




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