Saturday, September 22, 2007


That rat and I are going to have a serious falling out!
This morning at 2:30am, yep you heard that right! Ariel decided to return from a church dance which had been in Reading. Ariel went to her first dance for single adults who are over the age of 18 in the church and she went without a door key so I had to let her in when she got back. I was unceremoniously awoken at 2:30am by the phone and Ariel saying I'M AT THE BACKDOOR,LET ME IN! Well I did but remember my recent eco-drive has meant no lights on anywhere at night so when I went into the kitchen to open the door I had forgotten about the rat who was still on the when I switched on the light I was a just a little bit more than surprised.And there he was again this morning, still on the cooker and still surprising me!
I think for the sake of my nerves he is going to have to go.

I am being as quiet as possible, the animals are still asleep and quiet,so is Fiona(always good), and Beauty and Ariel. The reason for being quiet is that if I let Ariel sleep then the longer it takes before I have to drive down to Exeter to take her to university. I am quite happy for her to go, she has only been back a few days since Florida and she is driving me mad with her noise. It is constant, loud, irrelevant and I swear she IS somewhere on a scale when it comes to Tourettes. Ariel assures me that in classes she is quiet but I am not totally convinced as I have memories of her and her best friend being in trouble for constant chatter. It is so strange to have Ariel go to university as she is so young in lots of ways. I am convinced though it is to do with the school that she went to as a number of her friends are the same. When Ariel was 8 the Assisted places were being phased out and she got one of the last rising 8 places at the best private school in Wales and she has been there ever since. The children are all together from 4 to 18 year olds and in the same building which is an old country house approximately 5 minutes away from the house in Old St Mellons. At 8 she wore a boater, had plaits and still played with the Tellietubbies, and I feel that the school cushioned them in many ways from the rest of the world. She also went to church twice a week , every week whilst she was growing up and so had quite a different childhood from the other children locally. Whilst educationally sound I would say in lots of ways Ariel and some of her mates are a good 2 years behind the rest of her peers but don't get me wrong I do not think this is a bad thing.They are all sweet, very nice girls and having 6 girls, through the years I have come across some' not so nice girls'. The 'not so nice girls 'seem to be amongst a group they call THE ELITE( the popular crowd) in school,whose family either have a little bit of money or they just think they are better. Well this never seemed to happen in Ariel's school as it was a private school and the families were all paying for them to be there so they were all elite in their own way but you would never have thought it. They were just nice , genuine girls.
I think Ariel will cope very well with Uni as she has been going away with cadets for quite a few years now and always enjoys it, of course she is nervous but I know she will love it.
However, will I be able to cope with the quiet?
LET ME SEE..........


Steve said...

Yes too much quiet can be a bad thing. Allegedly... though I've yet to experience it myself!

The worst people in the world are invariably the "in crowd". I think it's a great compliment to be on the outside of such horrible little cliques. I wish Ariel well at Uni - hope she enjoys it.

Anonymous said...

My five (nearly six) year old starts school in about 4 months and I am more nervous about him coping than he is - he is a little worried about there being too many people, I'm worried about EVERYTHING! How will I ever cope with Uni??? Oh well, one step at a time.
I'm sure Ariel will cope really well, and hopefully you don't find the quiet too difficult!!!
Elissa xx
PS Really pleased to get your message!


I am on to daughter number 4 going to university so I don't get so stressy anymore. However, I do think startibg school is definitely more stressful for the parent than children going to uni.
I am sure I will cope with the quiet house, well apart from Beauty's constant singing and Fiona being a constant ogre!

Casdok said...

You will have more time for blogging!!!


Hopefully! I was planning to blog more about my art but we shall see as Beauty can be very demanding at times.




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May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.