Sunday, September 09, 2007


Well yesterday was more like a day and a half than a day, I am absolutely Cream Crackered.We left the house at 9:30am to visit elderly friends in Caversham, Reading and with the traffic it took almost 3 hours to get there. It wasn't so bad when we got there as we went for lunch and relaxed for a couple of hours, Beauty ate a huge bowl of ice cream and spent the time drawing in my notebook. When we got back to their house we spent the rest of the time making tents with chairs and blankets! This was fine by me as I was able to close my eyes, lie down and pretend to be sleeping, now how difficult is that?
On the way back we stopped at the large Sainsburys on the outskirts of Reading, this is where we were stopped on 9/11 when we saw the 2nd tower fall on the TVs in the TV showroom. Somehow I always seem to be driving up the M4 at this time of year.
The journey back down the M4 was uneventful and we were back home by 7pm.
And the fun continued!
We had been invited to a friends 25th wedding anniversary party, so after a quick change we were off in the car again. The party was held in the conservative club in Penarth and Beauty loved it. For the child who does the assembly hall in school with her fingers in her ears, Beauty couldn't sit close enough to the speakers. She also loved the flashing lights and the smoke machine, she would have been ecstatic if they had had a bubble machine.
After a few hours we left so we could pick the old guy(Runningman) up, he goes to his club on Saturday to play Bingo. We couldn't have him going home on his own as he could do something silly like getting himself run over and break his neck.Oops, he has already done that one!
On the way back I decided to check out Snowhite to see if she were OK and not in a ditch somewhere as I hadn't heard from her in a few days but there was no answer at her flat.
As I pulled out of her road onto Newport road I noticed a girl in her 20's walking up beside the Infirmary wall, she looked to be holding her back in pain and crying. I just couldn't leave her there without speaking to her so I parked the car in the lower part of Broadway behind the library and asked her if everything was OK. I didn't get much sense from her as she was crying a lot and she had been drinking but I asked her many times if anyone had hurt her but she said no. I told her that I would take her to the police station if she wanted to go, it was 10 seconds walk around the corner but she said no. I did however insist on giving her a lift home, she was planning on walking to Llanrumney which is quite a walk without being in the upset state that she was in. I dropped her off at her aunts house and she seemed a lot better, she couldn't thank me enough. All the time I was driving her she cried and talked a lot.
I really felt that I had to give her a lift but in this day and age I was worried for myself as much as for her, she could have said or done anything but isn't it awful that we can feel fear of doing something we know is right. It was certainly and eventful end to an evening.
And as for SnoWhite, well she was walking up Broadway at exactly the same time as us but because of picking up the young girl and going out onto Newport Road at the bottom of Broadway instead of the top, we just missed her. But I did phone her later to find out that she was OK and she was.
Today will be a slow day, a recovery day, I am now sitting quietly at the computer until I have to pick Runningman up from running the Cardiff is Sunday, a day of rest and thousands of people are in Cardiff to run 10K, the thought of it is painful, let alone running it. When driving back from dropping Runningman off I passed the lake and the early morning joggers were out doing their circuits of the lake, all I could think when I saw them was ,' A lie in or a few circuits of the lake', let me see, like I need to think about it!The childminder will be here at 3pm and I can't wait, 3 solid hours of sleep.Forget eating or drinking or jogging(as if!) I will have passed out within seconds of Beauty bouncing out of the door.


Steve said...

WOW! A very busy day indeed - I'm exausted just reading about it! I know what you mean about having to be careful about offering help to anyone. A few years ago I ended up helping two young lads, one of whom had raided his dad's drinks cabinet and had got himself dangerously drunk. I walked them to one of their friend's houses just to get them out of the cold and somewhere warm but the whole time they were being very suspicious of me and mildly threatening! I didn't particularly get a thank you but at least I knew I'd done the right thing.


It is really difficult to do things because you are so afraid that it will come back and bite you in the butt even if you haven't done anything wrong.We live in a very suspicious world.




An Irish Blessing

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