Tuesday, September 04, 2007


After finishing the change over of rooms for Fiona, I painted the floor in the empty bedroom.
An empty bedroom is a spooky thing!
I went to the bathroom at approximately 5 am and because a lot of the floor boards in the house seem to be connected through rooms, the floorboards in the empty room made a terrible noise.
And talking of spooky!
I lay down to go to sleep last night and I couldn't relax because there was something in my room making a noise...........I was convinced it was a rat or a mouse. I managed to find enough nerve to switch on the light and the noise turned out to be-duct tape! In the spare bedroom wardrobe I had stored the pieces of Beauty's cot and I had strapped them together with duct tape to prevent loss. On moving them out to change over the bedroom , I separated the large pieces of wood from the smaller pieces and the quickest way to take the duct tape off was to pull and tear. Well I am sure there is a perfectly good scientific explanation for it but it was really a strange phenomenon. The pulled and stretched duct tape was constantly moving as if it were being fluttered by a breeze(it wasn't),I couldn't get it to stop so I put it into the bathroom over night. I was so fascinated that I had to stand and watch it for a few minutes.
Random moment............. the gerbil we used to have ended up in the bathroom on the shelf because he too wouldn't be quiet at night!
Last night Beauty must have been exhausted because it took her approximately 5 minutes to go to sleep, the night before it took approximately 2 hours of singing Elephants on Parade(just those words-thank you Dumbo!) before she gave up and went to sleep.
Yesterday I took Beauty and SnoWhite to IKEA Cardiff(I have no shame!) to buy a cheap, small desk to go into the spare bedroom. We decided to go to the restaurant for food before shopping as a treat for Beauty and she loved her fish and chips. IKEA restaurant last night was like being in the middle of a Carry On film! Our food was produced on paper plates with plastic cutlery(the dishwasher was broken), the salad buffet consisted of just chick peas,kidney beans, beetroot and Lollo Rosso lettuce(WHY? don't know),the trays were dirty, no tomato sauce and the soft drinks machine was broken and leaking everywhere!
BUT.......... we did enjoy our meal and we laughed the situation off whereas the family behind us bitched and bitched and bitched. Their family consisted of a mother, a father, an older daughter, a teenage boy and girl and a baby and if my girls ever made as much mess as that family did when going out for a meal they would have been in serious trouble. My girls would have been so thrilled and delighted to go out for a meal as a treat that they would have acted like angels.
In IKEA SnoWhite accused me of having no shame because Beauty started singing along to a James Blunt song that was being played in the store, she only occasionally calls me Mama BUT she knows the words to a James Blunt song(she can also sing along to Daniel Bedingfield)!
So-I like listening to James Blunt, I admit it , I am officially sad!
I am currently playing Simon and Garfunkel in the car to get Beauty to learn to sing those songs. One of the boys in Beauty's school is like Beauty and has a huge memory for remembering and singing songs but he sings songs from the theatre and musicals as that is what his Dad likes. I can imagine him singing songs like I'M JUST A GIRL WHO CAN'T SAY KNOW or BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL HIDE.

Next on my spring cleaning list is the bathroom and the airing cupboard, I shall do those today whilst the floor in the spare bedroom is drying. I am leaving the floorboards for another day to make sure they are well and truly dry. Then it will be my bedroom and finally the front bedroom to get the spring cleaning treatment. Whew!

Today I will be starting my AS level Art, I feel quite excited as if I am 16 again! I wonder how long it will take for the excitement to wear off?
And tomorrow Beauty goes back to school- Beauty will love it and so will I. It will be nice to get her into a routine again.


Steve said...

I can remember house clearing our family home before it was sold (it was actually owned by my aunt who rented it to us). At the end the entire house was completely empty... it was sooo spooky and very sad. I stayed long enough to take some photos but very felt uncomfortable being there in that huge vacuum.

Sounds like you need to get Derek Acorah to exorcise the duct tape!


At 1 am duct tape moving on it's own is pretty weird without Derek Acorah.

Unknown said...

I'm still angry about the whole Ikea thing. I'll be ready to go back in a few months. I just love their stuff.

Creepy about your duct tape.




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