Thursday, May 31, 2007


Would you ridicule a black person because of what they looked like?
Would you make fun of an Asian person because of their intelligence level?
Would you make jokes about somebody from the middle east because of the way they they spoke?

Having been bullied and isolated all the way through my childhood because of the way that I looked I know that it would be totally unacceptable. I wouldn't do it because it is just wrong.
But there are 2 groups of people that it is OK to ridicule. To make fun of, tell jokes about and generally be unkind to and generally bully because it is bullying and it is prejudice.
I think it is time for the bullying to stop and no matter how 'funny' you might think it is it isn't funny. The last bastions....................having red hair and also being a 'chav'.
I give you time to laugh, calm down and listen to what I have to say.

So what is a 'chav'?
Well here is the test for you to find out.
I have bought food in Iceland,used a pay-you-go phone, worn jewellery from Argos, eaten a pot noodle(really), bought flowers from a petrol station, used second class stamps, eaten own brand baked beans, called my sofa a settee, think Jordan is intelligent(what business acumen that woman has), relieved a hotel room of its freebies,called pudding sweet,called the loo a toilet, bought a garden ornament from B&Q(Beauty loves them, I have a Gnome in a Welsh Rugby shirt and a Snow White),I can name a character from footballers wives, I have eaten at a Little Chef,cut and used coupons from a magazine, call my evening meal Tea and my education was paid for by the tax payer which according to the quiz makes me 44% chav. And I am happy with that, I may be 44% chav now but when I was growing up I was too poor to be a chav, see even an underclass has an underclass.
According to an online dictionary

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a chav is the lower class; uneducated and ignorant people

Oh well, that's my fate sealed.
But what we chavs look like is surely most important.
Sadly I have never owned Burberry, anything Reebok or owned white trainers.
But I do have a daughter who loves certain chav clothes, she also loves certain emo clothes as well so she calls herself a chavemo.
Obviously there are are chavs who get ASBOs, and get drunk in the streets and steal and behave very badly but that isn't the issue. The issue is the wholesale lumping together of a certain group of people that another group of people don't think are as good as them and that is the whole point of the prejudice.Criticise the chavs who are badly behaved but Tony Blair's son was found drunk in the street on a couple of occasions, are the Blair's chavs?
I have had to contend with youngsters who fit the description of chavs, they damaged my car and they tried to break into my house and they wear Burberry. But 'bloody chav's' isn't the first thing that pops into my mind when they do the things they do.

I have 4 girls with red hair and I also have red hair, red hair jokes are just nasty. I once heard Wales described as the 'red-haired step-child of the UK', the reference to Wales didn't upset me at all but the insinuation that being red-haired was bad upset me.
Perhaps growing up poor with red hair makes me able to appreciate how wrong the ridiculing of people who are a different group is. It might be a funny joke but whatever class of person you are I'm sure you have feelings.

Last night I read on the internet about ASDA having problems with a campaign they were trying to run. They want customers to return excess packaging to their stores , so ASDA can return the packaging to manufacturers to show that customers are not happy with the environmental impact of all the excess packaging. However the punters didn't bring back enough packaging and the thread of the conversation was there was not much interest from the ASDA punters because only CHAV's shop at ASDA so what can you expect! Another person wrote that they had the same kind of shopper in their country, they all shopped in WALMART and were merely 'lazy, bottom feeders'.
What more can I say on wholesale prejudice?
The lazy, bottom feeder.


Anonymous said...

::waving from over here::

Another lazy bottom feeder :)

I've learned to ignore ignorant people over the years. Not worth the effort. As for the red hair... strange.. nobody would notice here although being rule those WASP's (wht, anglo-saxon, protestant) still have trouble with Multiculturalism. Which annoys me.

Have you read Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables??


Steve said...

This idiotic prejudice against red hair has always mystified me... my dad had red hair (now white), I have natural red tints amongst my brown and personally find red hair very attractive. My first girlfriend was even a red head. Yet weirdly, my sister who has inherited the full red hair of my father constantly dyes it other colours... odd when so many people I know are also dying their hair to make it red!

I saw a programme on TV a while ago that followed a red headed stand up commedian around as he analysed the nations bigoted attitude towards red headed people and he found that in Europe and especially in America red headed people were lauded and sought after. This red headed thing is definitely a Brit glitch of the highest order.


Since living in the USA Belle no longer dyes her hair and is pleased to be once again red.My hair now has so much grey that the colour looks blonde so I dye it blonde as it suits my faded with age skin colour. My children also were picked on in school but as they grew older their hair colour darkened naturally AND they all like to dye their hair as well but in this day and age most females do.

Unknown said...

Hail fellow bottom feeder. I'm a sublevel feeder as I peruse WalMart for their sale and clearance items.

In my little area, the neighborhood is predominantly Irish and red hair is a premium. The adults go wild for it.

My son has been warned not to get into trouble because everyone will know him.




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