Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well the weather forecast for the next 3 days says nothing about rain so lets see if the builders actually show up! I so can't wait to put Beauty's garden toys into the front garden and set about cleaning the back garden. Calling it a garden makes it sound like Kew or Hampton Court but the similarities end with the word garden. I don't think that Kew would have plastic flamingos and not even a cat could get lost in our garden(Hampton Court Maze), but it's home and somewhere to sit on a sunny day (they'll be back I'm sure)!
I am going to buy a few roles of screening to put on the front fences as I don't want people staring in at Beauty as if she is an exhibit in a zoo but they work so you can still see out. In our area the front gardens are rarely used so the children will be attracted to what is going on, none of Beauty's toys are new but the big things I shall attach with bicycle chains and I am going to buy a small shed to lock the rest in at night. What a sad world that we live in that you have to tie everything down. In Greece and Spain I have seen many things left out over night and they are not stolen or vandalised. I have been in Spain a number of times over the last day of November when the shops put up their decorations and they decorate the outside of the shops with beautiful lights and baubles and nobody touches them. Why are we as a nation like this? I taught my children not to litter and to respect other peoples possessions and as far as I know they have never littered or willfully caused damage to property, I think that they are convinced that I would bat them round the head if they did!


Steve said...

I always find it so hard to motivate myself to do anything in the garden. I love the idea of gardening... but the practicality of it leaves me cold. I'm even considering paying someone to come in and do it for me!


Sounds good to me!
I would much rather go shopping that doing the garden,a lot more fun.

Anonymous said...

We have a hunter on our property during wild turkey season and he just put out his tent and his new camp chairs and.... those brats who tresspass with their 4 wheelers... swiped the chairs.

It's sad when you have to remind your 7 yr old to put his bike (not expensive) behind the house at night so it doesn't get swiped.

I don't mind gardening... it's getting enough time to do it.


Unknown said...

I live in what's considered to be "Mayberry" and we have to put all our stuff away. We have not had people swipe stuff yet.

Yet. On the other side of town they have to lock their bikes up or people will stroll up their driveways and take their stuff.
Isn't that sad?

Wish I didn't have to pass this insanity on to my children. I teach them good more morals and teachings but it will start to get hard. I'm up for it but it sometimes feels like you're the only one.


My 16 year old reliably informs me that I make the area where I live sound worse than it actually is.
Sorry!It really is not that bad.
About 50% of the houses where we live are still council owned but the council are currently spending huge amounts of money on the estate to totally 'envelope' the outside of ALL the properties. It is a 3 pronged attack(I think!), 1st to improve the overall look of the estate and therefore improve the general sense of well being of the residents, 2nd to improve the quality of council built stock which is not aging well and 3rd to attempt to get rid of management of the remaining council houses to a housing association.Which means building work on the estate for the next 5 years.
I personally however cannot see how all this work will change the mindset of those residents who are a problem. I don't think THE BURGLAR BOYS (the ones that tried to break into my house)will allow a little thing like Home Improvements to get in the way of their preferred lifestyle.And the little sweethearts who damaged my car are not going to be interested either-w
hat 10 year old would be interested?
I personally think that it begins and ends with parental responsibility. Forget the ASBO for the children, slap it on the parents and make them attend compulsory parenting classes.Seriously impinge upon the social life of the parents and you might see a change in the situation.Well that's my rant anyway.Sorry!




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