Saturday, May 12, 2007


OK.......I'm an urban tree hugger-deal with it girls!
Since coming back from holiday I have been surfing the net to find ways to off-set my carbon emissions from my recent holiday.Why is nothing easy?
I have found reports which say it is only a temporary measure and we should concentrate on long term projects and another report said that tree planting can actually harm certain eco-systems by the trees drying up rivers. I had wanted to buy a Sun Oven for a family who otherwise would not be able to buy an oven, the Sun Oven serves the purpose of helping a poor family to make the purchase and also to stop the use of burning wood. I saw the website a few months ago but I forgot to bookmark it and now I cannot find it. The project provided Sun Ovens for individuals in either South America or Mexico.
I have assessed my eco- footprint for the holiday and it seems that we will have to spend £35 to neutralize it. Whilst in Greece I found a school handout in Beauty's school bag which I hadn't seen before(typical of me!) and it was all about a project for planting trees in the school grounds, they need donations of trees..........well I have found my place to donate money.
I also assessed my eco-footprint regarding the house, the family and the car and now I will be seeking ways to neutralise them. I already do as much as I can with regards to insulation, light-bulbs, using less energy etc., so now even though my car is not huge , uses unleaded petrol and I use it as little as possible you will no longer be able to make me feel so guilty about it Dimitri. Dimitri is of the opinion that it is pointless to recycle, live as green as possible and then drive a car! Well Dimitri, I know that you recycle but do you neutralise your carbon emissions?Remember there is your apartment and your daily train journeys to think of!
I feel so childish, like I just stuck my tongue out! Sorry Dimitri but I just couldn't help it.

It is too early in the morning for Elmo but he is Beauty's new weapon of torture!
However I should be grateful, Elmo is teaching Beauty about toilet training and how to say the word GARGANTUAN ! Next I am sure Elmo will be dealing with World Peace and Sustainable Bioenergy.........well I can but hope!


Anastasia said...

I must protest in his defense M.O.M. By only using public transport we are using the most enviromentally friendly form of transport there is - Vienna's buses run on gas - the subway is eco friendly and if you take the subway instead of the car you produce 60 tonnes less dust a year....... We also unplug everything when it is not in use, recycle everything we can and are generally very well behaved..... Nxx


Put the bottom lip back in please!
Think of how it would be if we both off-set emissions.Anyway, he started it(see ,I told you I felt like a child!).
But seriously have you ever thought of getting him to find out what his GARGANTUAN company is going to do about bio-degradable packaging. Wouldn't it be brilliant if he had a hand in implementing something like that.It would be wonderful
if his company( and not many come bigger)started bio-degradable packaging then others might follow.
From 'little acorns' and all that.

Anastasia said...

Of course :-)




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.