Wednesday, May 30, 2007


In our house anyway.For the last 11 years , 90% of the time we have been an all female household, and as leader of said house all unwanted tasks have been left to me. I am pretty good at painting, drain cleaning and especially spider catching.SnoWhites young man friend is especially nimble on his feet when spiders are seen,well he is a wrestler!
I am very good at picking up Daddy Long Legs with my hands, no problem,skinny legs and small body are fine. Even large furry spiders are OK when I am hunting them with a glass and a piece of card, hey I am in control. However, even though I am greatly attracted to Buddhism and I cannot kill a spider(under normal circumstances), I have no problem killing flies and wasps and bees(though when I kill a wasp or a bee I am always afraid their family will come and get me,sad moo!) so that is Buddhism out the window for me. I insist that the girls do not stamp on spiders or insects and I insist that they leave it to me to get rid of them. BUT last night in total fear I 'killed' a spider. Hey I saw the film ARACHNOPHOBIA and the spider was running straight towards me, I was scared. BUT it wasn't really a spider.
A few years ago I had our downstairs toilet enlarged and made into a shower/splash room and boy does Beauty love to splash in it. The hall carpet outside the door is forever ruined due to constant flooding by Beauty and so the carpet is slowly falling to pieces. Also the pull light switch in the shower room is broken again, it is broken more than it is fixed............funnily enough the toilet handle is constantly broken and so is the shower holder! Perhaps the room is haunted ,perhaps it is built on an ancient Indian burial ground-like in Two Pints of Lager and the Amityville horror(or maybe not).
Right back to the spider story(sorry).
Last night I went to the toilet and I took a candle with me, a candle has better overall light than a torch(or so I thought). Whilst sitting in the bathroom a 'spider' hurtled towards me from the space under the door and I was up and out of there in a nano second and I am afraid that I killed the 'spider'(on purpose) in my escape.AND now do I feel guilty!
I killed a TUFT OF CARPET but if it had been a spider I would still have killed it in my fear. What if reincarnation is true, I discount very little, I could come back as a rat or a pig or a cat. a cat would be worst, they lick their bits..........sorry but that is more that my brain can deal with.
I told Anastasia and she was totally supportive. SnoWhite is arachnophobic in a BIG way and she said that the tuft of carpet would have frightened her too and her screams would have woken Beauty.
Give me a glass and card and I become SPIDER HUNTER, brave and fearless(well almost) but something less that the size of a penny scurrying towards me turns me into a quivering wreck.
What a wimp!
My biggest fear though is that should Beauty come into contact with an insect she would treat it just like a daisy..........and eat it!I'm sorry but that would be a vision forever seared on my memory! I pray she never does it.

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Steve said...

Despite frequent attempts to clean our house (hell, sometimes we even manage it once a week) the place is still over-run with spiders. too many to count... and those are only the ones bolshi enough to let us see them. In the bathroom about fifty tiny ones hatched out of nowhere and have been swinging from the tiles ever since. Like you we just can't bring ourselves to kill them. Instead they are transported outside magic-carpet stylee on the palm of my hand.

I would have no moral aversion to totally wasting a piece of carpet fluff though. If it makes the first move, it's going down...




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