Sunday, February 25, 2007


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Last night, some local little sh*t trashed my wing mirror! And why am I really not upset? Because the little shit did the same thing to the other wing mirror a few days previously. Which means that I only have to pay for 1 repair instead of 2! Said like a true Pollyanna.
Probably done by a group of hoodie wearing young gentleman I saw earlier wandering the estate with golf clubs! I may not be psychic but I predict their next holiday will be at her Majesty's Pleasure. The little band of brothers (aged between10-15) should have been home with their parents...........and where were their parents? That I couldn't tell you but the mother of the leader of this little band of brothers is a known drug user and has had hysterical screaming episodes in the street, so whilst not inevitable, I suppose you could see the behaviour of this leader of the band coming!
Frequently you hear people saying ,'ah but they have nowhere to go and nothing to do?'
and things like
' oh they need youth centres and places to go'
Well as a mother of 6 my strong feeling is that, 'NO.......they don't need somewhere else to go and something more to do'. They have a youth club in the week in the local community centre and my friend John runs an after school computer club and we live 2 minutes from a leisure centre with a swimming pool and the local council has spent a lot recently on a skate park and a basketball/football court with an all weather pitch. What more do they want? They need to be where their parents know where they are. My children only went out when they had somewhere specific to go and that was their choice, they did not want to go wandering the streets. They went to Brownies, Guides, youth club, dance, art classes, music lessons etc and if not out doing that they watched TV or did homework or went on the computer. I think that laws should be amended so that parents can be held responsible for their children's bad behaviour, obviously there will be exceptions when children get to an age or a size where they could not be physically controlled but that can't be the case for every under 16 year old wandering the streets after dark!
And there is also the possibility that these under 16 year olds who are running around in the dark unsupervised could also be harmed in some way. And if something did happen then the first thing that their parents would say would be.'Why my child?'
So what's the answer?
Beats me!
I'm just a mother.

Beauty has been coughing and spluttering all morning so no trip out with the child minder for her. She has spent her morning either in bed( but not sleeping) or playing on the computer on CBeebies . Thankfully there was no repeat of night terrors last night just a very disturbed wriggly night. Difficulty in communicating is a major issue in autism, especially with regards to Beauty because I do not know how she is feeling. I do not know if is she is sad or in pain or hungry or thirsty. Whilst she can make desires for food and drink known I would especially like to know about pain etc as she appears to have a very high threshold for pain which does worry me.Fiona is also unwell and after sleeping all night is sleeping again on the sofa.
SnoWhite is in work and in a couple of hours Ariel will be back in Cardiff from Florida. Dare I say it has been very quiet without Ariel? Oh well, back to school tomorrow, half -term will be over but I doubt if Beauty will be well enough to go back.

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Steve said...

Too right. Most kids out wandering the streets are doing so not because they've chosen to but because it's convenient for their parents to get them out of the house and out of their hair. That's not fair on them or us. I too was only allowed out for specific reasons when I was a kid and as a consequence was never bored enough to misbehave while out in public.




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