Sunday, February 11, 2007


I love watching TV commercials and I find them highly entertaining but usually the more entertaining they are then the more likely I am not to remember who made the advert.
For instance
*the coloured balls falling down the hill(is it in San Francisco?)
*the copycat advert of fruit falling down a hill in what looks like Swansea
*the exploding paint and the tower blocks
if my life depended on it I couldn't tell you what they were advertising.
There is an advert out at the moment where a guy talks about your sinuses being the size of pinholes when you have sinus problems, this being the result of inflammation not from being blocked up with snot(nice thought!). I remember the advert because of the representation of lights shining through pinholes, I believe that the advert is for medication to unblock your sinuses but it could be for something like Swarfega for all I know.Sorry.
Anyway, the point of the story is , I have mega blocked sinuses at the moment and I am not taking anything extra for it because of the medication I am already taking seems to be having an affect on the sinuses. And how do I know? Well I take my horse tablet strength anti-inflammatory tablets to combat my arthritis issue in the day and my sinuses seem to be better and in control but during the night my sinuses get worse again and in the morning I awake to a thick head ache and completely blocked sinuses again.
And from this little life experiment it can be seen that yes the advert is probably true.
And the real point of the many of us really believe anything anymore? we see adverts for cream that will make you look 10 years younger, cereal that will make you 10 lbs lighter and a car that if you purchase it will turn into a metal ice skater and skate around a frozen lake for you!
So when you see an advert that says your sinuses will be helped by taking anti- inflammatory medication and not antibiotics ,do we believe the advert?
Possibly not and why?
As a people I feel we have become cynical and unbelieving because we have all been told so many lies and we have heard so many conspiracy theories.
Please forgive me for going all deep over sinuses (I blame being sick) but I feel that by becoming a Global Village we have on the whole lost our naivety.
For instance, we all knew he had had 'relations with that woman' even when he said he hadn't, yes we knew that Kate Middleton and Prince William were an item even though they insisted they were only friends and yes we knew that Gary Glitter was a pervert even though he denied it. I believe that lying is all around us and little lies are ok as they make life acceptable( please lie about my fat bits...........I am happy with that). BIG lies are what causes problems, yes he was wrong to lie about his 'relations with that woman', the Prince William thing.............just don't treat us like we are all stupid and as for Mr Glitter, again do not treat us as if we are stupid.
As with the whole Big Brother racism debacle, just because you say you are not racist doesn't make it so, we saw and heard everything you did and said. Tony Blair p*sses me off most.
Taken from
Pm's Respect Action Plan Launch Speech 10 January 2006

Chaotic families lack the basic infrastructure of order. Not all parents find the task easy. The usual barriers against a teenager falling into low-level crime are often absent. Often young men lack role models. Drug addiction leads directly into criminal markets.

There are a small number of families who are out of control and in crisis. It is those families whose children are roaming the streets and disrupting the classrooms. We have to help those oparents and their children.

Mr Blair of course has a perfect family without problems.

The incident for which Euan Blair was first attracted significant attention in his own right was in 2000, when, aged 16, he was found by Police collapsed and incapable in Leicester Square, having spent the night celebrating his completion of his GCSEs with friends. After being taken to a police station, he gave the police a false name, an old address, and a false date of birth that would have made him 18 (the legal age to purchase alcohol). The leaking of this to the press caused considerable embarrassment to Tony Blair, who had recently introduced measures to deal with young offenders. Regarding a potential prosecution, he told the BBC's Question Time that his son should not receive special preferences. In the end, Euan apologised for the incident, and was neither prosecuted, nor formally cautioned. Subsequently, the term "Euan Blair" has been satirically suggested by some as rhyming slang for "Leicester Square".

But yet Mr Blair thinks his life should be private.
He has a son who was found drunk in the gutter but whenever anyone tries to publish stories about his family he screams invasion of privacy.

What a rant!
And all from a blocked nose.

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Steve said...

From someone who survives on his cynicism, I believe a loss of naivety can only be a good thing. It's nice to retain some innocent wonder but the world is a very hard place and a little cyncism is useful armour... it peels back the pretty lies that allow bad things to go unchecked and pushes people and the world to achieve the genuine McCoy instead.

Unfortunately it does eff all for blocked sinuses! On that score I can only recommend Olbas oil!




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