Monday, February 19, 2007


Beauty has her giggle pants on today! Everything is a laughing matter as far as she is concerned. I took her out to the shops today and every few minutes she would burst into spontaneous laughter, perhaps she was seeing fairies again! As we turned into ASDA (WALMART)car park, Beauty could hardly contain herself with joy, ASDA(WALMART) means a new comic.Beauty is now a connoisseur of comics, when we get to the comics she has to handle each comic and assess the quality of the free gift.I don't think she realises how lucky she is when it comes to comics, on Fuerteventura we found only one comic all the time we were there, thankfully we had taken some old ones with us. Today's toy is a xylophone and Beauty went around the shop playing and singing.
Even though I am still feeling really rough, Fiona informs me that I do not look ill only miserable! Such is honesty. Who needs friends when you have children on the autistic spectrum. Perhaps I look o.k because the sicker I feel, the more slap I put on.Gee you can't win.Definitely the worst illnesses are the ones you can't see, not a lot of sympathy going begging when the only evidence of illness is what you say it is.
My idea of sympathy is a child spontaneously filling or emptying a dishwasher for you without the threat of physical pain or being thrown out of the house.
Beauty is 6 years old but wears clothes between 6 and 10 years old as she is quite tall for her age. ASDA(WALMART) recently started to sell an adult range of clothes which included a size 4 which is the same as a US size zero.Personally I think that ASDA should be ashamed of themselves. A size 4 is the equivalent of a child size 8, only very rarely can an adult be a size 4 and be healthy. ASDA(WALMART) has just reduced this new range of clothes and LOTS of the reduced clothes are a size 4. GOOD!
Let us hope that ASDA(WALMART) has learnt from this. Morally and financially!

A-The young person who goes out on a winter's day in canvas pumps, flared jeans(scraping the floor by about an inch) wearing a white(!) coat and is shocked when they get soaked to the skin on their way home from university.
B-The young person who when I mention that this months phone bill is approximately £15 more than usual laughs naturally and honestly says, 'It was probably me'.

Both of the above are the behaviour of SnoWhite, one would think that the behaviour in situation A was the sign of someone with a few issues but no, as a mother of six girls I would say that was pretty normal behaviour(for my girls and other girls locally) whilst admitting to the phone calls promptly and without guile is a bit unnerving and a bit more to worry about. A lot of children would probably hedge their bets and say nothing(or deny it). Thank you anyway for the honesty Snowhite!(Well I think I'm supposed to be grateful!).
Autism is a strange thing.


Unknown said...

and wh exatly should I lie.? When the phonebill comes back and it's proven I made all the calls I'd get killed for not telling you in the first place,right? So why not just get it over and done with and tell you up front?

And as for my clothes.It wasn't raining when I left the house and the coat is very warm.

chrisd said...

You have six girls? Someone should throw you a party!

Better your daughter is laughing than screaming because a toilet flushed.


Have a great week!




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