Sunday, February 18, 2007


Before I went to sleep last night I instructed my children that
A-They were not to wake me up by asking me stupid questions ie Can they cook something at stupid o'clock.
B-They were not to listen to music and wake me up
C-They were not to make ANY noise and wake me up
The warnings worked. Beauty slept in until gone 8am! And me with her. I agree with the theory that autism cannot be 'cured' but it sure as heck can be taught.
Having a sense of humor definitely helps when you are not well. I have been unwell now for about 3 weeks, it started when I caught a cold on holiday in Feurteventura. Beauty bounced back after about a week of being unwell but I think that I caught different bugs from different people rather than the first bug lasting so long. Everyone in my website design class was ill with sniffles etc and everyone in my digital scrap booking class also had coughs and colds. Also Beauty's teacher and teacher's aides have also been off with the 'winter flu' virus that seems to be hitting the local hospitals. I spent yesterday feeling dizzy and disorientated and I was worried(as a nurse I worry about all medication) that it might be to do with the decongestant medication I was taking so I did not take my last dose last night. After a very bunged up nose kind of night, with dizziness and disorientation persisting and head throbbing I am now convinced that the decongestant tablets were not the cause of my dizziness etc but were making me feel tons better! My nose and head feel like my nose is broken,Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I dropped a lava lamp on my nose when Beauty was a baby and it feels just like that.(Yes, what kind of idiot drops a lava lamp on her nose I hear you ask!ME)It is actually quite surprising how strong Beauty's head is, she re-broke my nose a few times by accidentally head butting me! We seem to have a tendency for breaking noses in our family, Anastasia was the first. Swiveling on an office type chair when she was about 6 or 7 she fell forwards onto the edge of a desk and broke her nose! SnoWhite was helping to pull the fold-down seats up on our 7 seater and it swung back so fast it caught her in the nose! Ouch. Anastasia re-set it for her on the spot!Thank you Anastasia, you are not just a pretty face! Ariel seems to break toes and wrists a lot(like me) but not noses, and Fiona and Belle have broken their wrists but again not their noses. I don't think that we are a particularly accident prone family, it is just that there are a lot of us. Beauty went through a spate of being in Casualty every few weeks or so but thankfully that is over! Beauty's first visit to casualty was her second Christmas when she found a twinkle light holder under the Christmas tree and put it on her finger like a ring, it was so tight that she had to have it cut off(the ring not the finger) with a ring cutter before her finger, which had turned blue, fell off. Beauty has a very high threshold for pain so we have to watch her carefully as she could break bones and not make a fuss!
Beauty continues to wear her new hat, with the bells tinkling on the hat I keep thinking that next-doors cat must be somewhere in the house. I wonder if giving an autistic child a hat with bells was such a good idea! Beauty loves to jump and flap her arms so the noise can be constant at times, there must be a lot of angels out there getting their wings at the moment.
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Anastasia said...

Mother Of Many I had completely forgotten that incident with Snow White's nose - OW!!! Not something I fancy doing again.... Glad to hear you got some sleep at least! Big kisses to Beauty! Love Anastasia xxxx

Steve said...

Happy to hear you've caught up on some sleep!

LAA and Family said...

Minor illness is a normal part of our winter, but thankfully that has not been the case for our family this year.

I hope your nose feels better, OUCH!!

I think Samuel experiences pain differently than the rest of do as well, but he has gotten more expressive of it as he has gotten older. He took a bad fall in our house last fall and broke 2 of his permanent front teeth. (There was an indentation in some grout on our tile floor where he hit!) He is facing some future dental work there! He was very upset about it when it happened, but then was quiet in the days that followed when I'm sure it was very painful.




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