Friday, February 23, 2007


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I really believe that my poor Beauty needs to go into isolation during the winter to be able to cope, she has JUST recovered from that flu bug thing and now she has a a temperature and a really productive cough and she is really poorly bad. I don't think that she will be able to go out with the child minder on Sunday and possibly she might not be well enough for school on Monday. Hey I'm with the 'let's wear hospital mask's in public' brigade if it stops my Beauty getting sick all the time.
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When Beauty was small, Anastasia, Beauty and I went to Paris for the weekend and we saw a group statue and one of them was wearing a hospital mask.The funny thing was I didn't notice the mask until we looked at the photo's when we had them developed at home! I would make a rubbish expert witness. That visit was also the first time that I saw street statue artists.................there are so many now that you trip over them in the street! I personally find them very odd and they unnerve me a bit. A bit like a picture on a wall where the eyes seem to follow you.
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After weeks and weeks and weeks of being badgered by Fiona to have her hair cut, YESTERDAY WAS THE DAY. She looks really good. Whilst she was having her hair cut I took Beauty for a walk to see the other shops and I bought her the cutest little 'primpesque' hoody.

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Her sisters inform me that not only will she hurt me when she is older for dressing her like this but she will also never speak to me again when she finds out that I put the pictures on the internet! I personally think that she looks really sweet. She's a little kid for pity sake, it's not as if I am dressing her like a mini-lolita. When we were on holiday recently we went to the hotel entertainment every night so Beauty could watch the mini-disco. I was shocked to see little girls of Beauty's age dressed like 21 year old out on the pull. One little girl who was about 9 years old constantly wore mini-mini skirts and cut-off halter tops and a face full of make-up. AND her dancing was so provocative she made Christina Aguilera's dancing in 'Dirty' look positively modest in comparison! I don't think that the parents are wholly to blame either, shops manufacture and sell this rubbish! Children are enough at risk as it is without dressing them so provocatively, you may as well put a neon, light over their head which says, 'come get me'.
Last night I watched a TV show about child anorexics and I was appalled to see that the youngest receiving treatment was 12! There has to be something wrong with a society that has such young girls suffering from such an awful illness.Magazines bombard them with 'PERFECT' images, they see stick thin celebrities, they see it on TV and all around them and nobody will accept responsibility and the parents have to pick up the pieces.
The human psyche is such a fragile thing, those responsible for the damage should be made to address the situation rather than merely profit from it.
The definition of anorexia used to be something that we were led to believe only affected young girls but today I believe we all have food issues. I think about everything I eat and yes guilt is a big part of it, I eat healthy food but I eat too much healthy food. I think SnoWhite is one of the few people who I know who has no problem with food. She is a slim10-12 and eats whatever she wants, she has the same high metabolism that I had at her age. Sadly it will not last.
Last night the girls were watching a stand up comedy show and one of the comedians made a joke about autism, it was just a play on words ........autistic/artistic. I actually found it quite funny because in it's own way it accepted autism as a normal thing. I did not feel it was patronising or mean in anyway and it was no different to somebody telling a joke about flat feet. Perhaps that is what we need more of , conditions such as autism being treated as different not special.


chrisd said...

Can you hear me yelling "Well, Amen, Sister" across the pond?

I am so glad to hear that someone else besides me is sick of having their daughters, their little girls, dress like 21 yo's.

Some outfits are ok and some, frankly, are wildly inappropriate. Tell your daughter that I thought she looked beautiful and that her hair is gorgeous. One of these days I'll send over a picture of my daughter. For now, I'm going to write.

Steve said...

The human psyche is indeed very fragile - and more so when still a child. I think as a society we need to re-assess the images we are sending out to our kids and each other... at best they're wildly contradictory and at worst they are down-right dangerous. People need to be educated about self-image becasue it is that which "communicates" to other people far more than anything we say. Fashion constantly encourages people to send out the wrong messages... but the wearers themselves are often woefully ignorant of what they are "saying".




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