Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Whilst searching blogger search today I came across a blog entry where an individual wrote that they had sex 2 days ago and my first reaction was,'bully for you'. I am just gob smacked sometimes at the things I read on the net. I was watching an episode of NCSI a few weeks ago and it was all about pay-to-view sex and I could not believe that all this was going on and I know nothing about it. Obviously I am aware of the 'child porn' cases in the news but I don't think my mind has ever really processed the vastness of what is actually out there and I find it very scary.
There was a case in the news a few years ago of an ex-marine in his 30's who abducted a teenage girl who he got to know on NeoPets and my 15 year old used to be on NeoPets a lot. Thankfully my 15 year old would NEVER have gone off with a total stranger in this way, she just would not have had the confidence to meet a stranger in this way. Being only 'somewhere on the spectrum' thankfully only affects aspects of her life and I do not believe that her judgement in a situation like this would be adversely affected. However, I think that I am going to have to be more aware of the net in future with regards to Beauty because obviously I do not know how she will progress.Autism can affect a person in many different ways and not always how you would expect. Children on the autistic spectrum can have obsessions i.e specific toys, cartoon characters etc which can make them vulnerable because these things can be used to entice them away. Sometimes Beauty can meet a person just the once and she loves them to pieces and treats them like her best friend. She once had a visit from a psychologist who she had never met before and when her left she cried for hours and was inconsolable and he could have been a mad axe murderer for all she knew. Quite regularly Beauty turns Ariel's MSN on without realising it and I only get to know when I hear Ariel's friends PINGING her. One day we found that Beauty had opened a window accidentally and it was a French person asking if she wanted online sex!O.K
When SnoWhite was younger and a lot more naive(it is possible!) she got angry with the computer and repeatedly typed in the word S*H*I*T and it turned up page after page of porn. My girls are very careful now what words they actually 'google'. I make sure of that!
Even now I am occasionally surprised at what a google search will throw up, usually it comes from typing in a girls name or getting a well known websites name slightly wrong.

Being half term I was quite impressed with Beauty having a lie in and letting me sleep until past 8am but waking up to constant nursery rhymes can be a bit trying. Rock-a-bye baby seems to be the favourite at the moment. Beauty however is always thrilled though when I say 'O.K I'm getting up', she stops singing instantly and bounds out of bed.



Steve said...

The internet has long had a very dark, nasty side ad it is all to easy to accidentally access it. Chat rooms I find particularly insidious as any attachments formed through their use rely too much on the user's often over active imaginations rather than a reliance on actual reality and fact. Everybody is susceptible to such wilfully dillusional daydreams.

I'm pretty broadminded but even I'm appalled by some of the things that a Google search can throw up... and think how safe Google is considered! What would happen if encyclopaedias were like internet searches? Dodgy porn on nearly every page...? Would they be considered quite the beloved educational tool that they are today?

chrisd said...

That's unbelieveable. Great-more to worry about. So glad our computer is in the frontroom where I can see what's going on. I'm going to share this story w/my husband. So glad you posted this.

ps. loved the cow picture! And I've never had Yorkshire Pudding.




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