Monday, March 17, 2008


NEW TACTIC.....when Fiona refuses to clean her bedroom, she is off the team!
That means no lifts in the car AND I will go into her bedroom and sling out any rubbish that I find.BUT.....what is rubbish to me maybe treasured possessions to her..... OOPS!
I have also threatened to draw mouths on her Hello Kitty collection.....Meeow!

After less than 30 minutes in her bedroom, I managed to retrieve
21 (almost) empty pop bottles -
5 x 500ml bottles
6 x 1 litre bottles
& 10 x 2 litre bottles
27 plastic carrier bags in varying sizes
2 black bags of rubbish
1 green bag of rubbish

The worst part of the decontamination process was the fact that the rubbish and recycling were all mixed up together in various black bags and carrier bags! After a few minutes sifting through the gunge you suddenly think I AM SO NOT PAID ENOUGH FOR THIS!
The strange thing was that whilst you could not move across the floor for all the rubbish, the shelves that contained her Hello Kitty collection were pristinely clean!
It reminded me of the Environmental Health TV show where they found really yucky houses and had to clean them out,especially the old lady who had the immaculate sitting room but the rest of the house had dead carcasses of all her pets who she could not get rid of when they died!
Though I am pleased to say that the only animals that are not alive in Fiona's room are her Hello Kitty collection!

Beauty had a snot fest happening on Friday, she came down with a massive cold.It had to be Friday as that was the day of my Art exam,thankfully I managed to get SnoWhite to look after Beauty. I managed to finish my Art piece but I shall have to wait until August for the results.
My piece was called MY DAUGHTER'S DRESS HANGS HERE, obviously inspired by FridaKahlo but My Daughter's dress in the painting hangs on my kitchen wall not between a toilet and a trophy!


Anonymous said...

That sure does sound like a messy room! I hope Beauty is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

you can get her addicted to the hello kitty mmorpg and then threaten to cut of her internet. :D

Steve said...

Wow - there is obviously a market for a new Gene Hunt hardback - Parenting The Gene Hunt Way. Bet it would work a treat too... might have to give it a go myself. I'd love to see Super Nanny doing it to!

Casdok said...

Hope your new tactic works!!

Anonymous said...

I'd definitely be asking for a pay rise if I were you! xx

Anonymous said...

Definitely underpaid! Jorge's suggestion had me giggling, hey anything to get her motivated, right?




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