Thursday, March 06, 2008



Last night we decided that the bunny needed bathing as he smelt a bit!
So I showered him in the upstairs bathroom,with 'Bunny Bubble Bath'(not Hugo Boss shower gel!) .
The rabbit was so not happy and to show his disgust he jumped out of the bath and refused to get back in but not before he had been washed enough to look like a drowned rat. So he wouldn't catch a cold,Fiona even dried him with a hairdryer. His hair looked so fluffed up he looked twice as fat and as if he had put his paw in an electricity socket! This morning he is continues to ignore a teenager.
Whilst the guinea pigs who were bathed just afterwards show no such indifference towards me and they actually really seemed to enjoy the hairdryer and within minutes were happily squeaking for food.

Today was Beauty's annual school assessment and they are very pleased with her progress. Whilst her speech is progressing very well, so are her social skills and she is really becoming part of the group. I did feel that she needed school work to be sent home though as in school it is difficult to get her to concentrate but at home she seems to enjoy one to one time.
I also mentioned the crazy school transport drivers to the head teacher as their driving antics are getting scarier and scarier, I used to park in the school grounds like all the other parents but now I park out side and walk in as it is getting way too dangerous. Even that is worrying at time as everybody parks on the pavement so I have to negotiate the the road with drivers doing U-Turns, reversing and speeding. Pushing a wheelchair with crazy drivers hurtling past you can be quite unnerving.
Even with everything the school transport drivers do they are no way as crazy as the local religious school that I have to pass to get to Beauty's school. I have even seen parents kicking their children out of the cars whilst the cars are still moving and no I am not making that up.
The parents and the children seem to be running everywhere and seem to have no road awareness. It is also not wise to confront them about their behaviour as the parents can become very aggressive .
The parents just don't seem to understand that if they are late for work then that is all it is, they are late for work but if a child were run over and killed then being late for work would seem totally irrelevant.
Have they not heard of the Tufty Club?


Sam with Tufty (Gene Hunt)


Gene Hunt as Tufty


Casdok said...

Yep i think you could definetly use a Transporter!

Steve said...

Animals can throw major wobblies. My friends dog once ignored me for a whole day because I accidentally shut her out of the bedroom when I was dogsitting (she liked to sleep on the bed). Real umbrage was taken that day I can tell you!

I never realized how sinister Tufty looked until I saw him on Lfe On Mars...!

Marla said...

I am so glad she is doing well in school!

The bunny is so cute.

Anonymous said...

We often have a sulky cat here at our house... particularly when he doesn't get his own way - sometimes worse than the kids!!

Anonymous said...

I love the bunny's feet!
Tufty is so British! Pantomime! Pass the boiled sweets!
Considering the number of run-over squirrels I see as I drive to work, Tufty is an appropriate mascot for road safety. Squirrels become panicked and indecisive when they're confronted by an uncoming automobile. I have seen them scamper across the road nearly to safety only to turn around and get hit. Not terribly bright, squirrels.




An Irish Blessing

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May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.