Saturday, October 27, 2007


I know I have talked about watching Wife Swap before and I am sure many of you do not find it interesting but I have to mention yesterdays episode as I found it quite shocking.
If you take part in wife swap and the new wife works for 16 hours a day cleaning,washing and cooking in your house , do you then become abusive and then start screaming and shouting and swearing at them when it isn't up to your standard?The OCD nature of someone who does housework for 16 hours a day is not really the issue but the behaviour of the person who expects another to do all that for you. If I had someone else in my house and the work they did ,did not meet my 'exacting' standards then I would then finish the work off myself, without screaming and swearing and being abusive. Perhaps he was just doing it for the cameras!
Actually, the thing I found most shocking was the wife of the screaming, swearing, abusive taxi driver Colin, I was shocked by Andrea's appearance the moment I saw her. My mother was 69 when she died of cancer and my mother's skin was ravaged, probably from smoking, and Andrea's skin looked exactly the same. I just wanted to drag Andrea off to see a consultant and tell her to stop smoking.At most Andrea could only have been in her late 40's.
There was also something else which I found very strange about the program.The other wife Karen and her husband shared a house with the wife's mother and step father and Andrea the taxi driver's wife felt that this situation was very wrong and she even said it was 'DISGUSTING' that they lived together like that! And she was just so ANGRY when she said it, she was very vicious and spiteful, it was just odd behaviour. Where did that come from?
I have a friend called Mary who lives on Gozo and I have known her since she was 13, she is an only child and has lived in the same house since she was born. She lives with her parents and her husband and her teenage son and daughter and they all live together in the family home.
I have always been impressed with what Mary and her family have and if that kind of situation can work then I think it is brilliant. What is 'DISGUSTING' about that ? I'm still confused about why she should feel that way.
We live in a strange world.

It is only 10am and Beauty is pinging off the ceiling, I can see us having a very busy day. She is flitting constantly from one activity to another, at present she is watching CBEEBIES on TV, she is watching Nina and the Neurones!

I have uploaded a party video onto photobucket of Beauty blowing out the candles on her birthday cake, as there were other people at the party I have not put it onto blogger as they might not like that.If you can't remember the password girls then let me know.

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Steve said...

There are certainly some very strange people out there! But not that many I suspect - I sometimes think that TV shows only pick the strange people because they know it'll be far more entertaining than watching someone who is "normal". Mind you: how do you define normal these days? I definitely think that the abusive relationship you described should never be seen as normal. Sounds like they (the taxi driver and wife) both need help.

Casdok said...

Yes there are strange people and thats why we watch it!

Anonymous said...

I love the hair ribbons!

It's quite bizarre that someone can have such a reaction to an extended family living together, when really, much of the world's population still live in this way and it is 'normal'. Mind you, it sounds typical for wife swap - I enjoy it for a laugh!


I have given my children STRICT instructions that I am NEVER,EVER to be allowed to take part in any reality TV shows and if Anthea Turner shows up at my house then I will hurt them.I just cannot understand why anybody would possibly want to take part in something like that.

Unknown said...

Oh, there are doosies here in the states too. It's a guilty pleasure, watching that show. I don't get to watch it often, though.

Beauty's hair looks so cute. I'm surprised she let you keep them it at all. Miss Hermionie HATES having her hair messed with.


Steve said...

Hi Ally - you've been tagged for a blog challenge! See my blog for details!




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