Sunday, September 26, 2010


Just a little note for Sunday.
I have a STAT COUNTER here on my blog and you can see it down on the right hand side of the front page.
It is something I look at every few days or so and I find the information really interesting.
I have never had over 200 hits in a day and that is not a problem as this blog was never meant to be more than a journal for me and my girls and friends.
However, the one thing that fascinates me is WHO ARE THE OTHERS that visit my site regularly?
Most people I can guess because of their locations but others just have me wondering constantly.
Who in Israel reads my every new entry?
The girls have a cousin there but I can't see him being interested.
And who in the Yorkshire Dales likes to read of my mundane life.(I know it is not you David as you show up closer to your home)
And London and Texas and Germany!
And they are not just random readers.
They read all the time and they go straight to my site and are not directed through one of the Autism sites.
Truly we are a Global village and I love it.
For a woman who did not leave the UK for the first time until she was 38,I love this ability to communicate EVERYWHERE.
My Blog makes me think about my favourite book THE CHRYSALIDS.
I know I have whittered on about it before but for those who have not heard me expound on how brilliant it is before,here is a brief synopsis.
It is set in a post apocalyptical future, after a nuclear war.
The society is basically set in the middle ages in lots of ways.
One of the main themes is that the society is religious and some are more fundamental than others.
There are laws which state what mankind can and cannot look like ...i.e how many hands, length of bones, number of fingers etc...... and deviants are sent to live in the badlands as they are a sin against God.But NORMALITY is difficult to achieve due to the radiation that still lingers from the war.
However, a group of telepaths have evolved and whilst the powers that be think they exist , they are not sure and are pursuing them.
But the main character who is a telepath talks of those other telepaths he can talk to in his head and understand and others who are either further away and cannot be heard or those who do not fully understand their capabilities and are not able to be any more telepathic than a few ghost whispers that they might transmit in times of distress.
And how does the idiot woman see this in relation to her blog I am sure you are asking?
It is all about communication.
Whilst computers were invented before John Wyndham wrote his book The Chrysalids, could he have ever imagined the capabilities that actually come from them and their ability to communicate with others in the far reaches of the world?
I don't know but when ever I go online I feel there are different ways that I communicate to others that resemble Wyndhams telepaths.
I talk and see directly through SKYPE and at other times I INSTANT MESSAGE and at other times I just EMAIL.
Some people I speak to in REAL LIFE and are current friends and family, whilst others I have only met on ONLINE and will probably never meet face-to-face.
It is all about levels of communication.
In the book, one of the characters says that to be married to someone who was not telepathic would not be something he could contemplate as they would not be able to fully communicate their feelings for each other and I know what he means.
I would not want to go back to a time when I could not communicate as freely around the world as I do now.Yes I am a Luddite in many ways but only because I am crap at making technology work but the thought of NOT being able to communicate with my family and friends whenever I need to is just a scary thought.
Whilst I love to write letters and do, to have to go back to relying on that for communication would be impossible for my mind to comprehend or want to accept.
Honestly, who has not felt some anxiety when their Internet connection went down?
I think it is a way of describing our need to reach out and feel that someone is there, even if we do not see SOMEONE,to know we are not alone.
Therefore to paraphrase Ephesians 2:19 BE YE NO MORE STRANGERS.
If you like to read my blog then stop and say HELLO ,I would love to hear from you.


Steve said...

Well, you know I always try and say hello!

I love The Chrysalids and re-read it from time to time. It's such a tightly written and yet so full novel. And you're right regarding tecnhology. I'm frequently amazed that I have readers from the other side of the world who read all of the rubbish I write!


I know Steve....who are these people?
Who are these people who find my words interesting?
What I have done to interest somebody in Taipei to read my every blog entry never ceases to amaze me.
Perhaps they are doing a dissertation on IBNSANITY AMONGST BLOGGERS or CRAZY ONLINE WOMEN.....who can tell!

Anonymous said...

Hello from the other side.




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.