Monday, August 11, 2008


A watery sun and for only a few moments but I definitely saw the sun.
Beauty awoke very early this morning, it was still dark but she stayed in bed until it was light and for that I am grateful. But first thing this morning there was definitely some watery sunshine.
Perhaps some more sunshine later on.....we can but hope.

Today I took Beauty for a ride in the car to the Bay and we stopped at IKEA to get Beauty her cream! We only went to the Bistro but it certainly had to be one of our most eventful trips to IKEA! I entered the shop doors to a near constant high pitched screaming, a child had trapped their fingers in the moving handrail of the escalator.
There was blood everywhere.
Thinking about the situation I feel quite guilty really as on at least 2 occasions I have caught my fingers on the same rail and it was really painful and the reason why I didn't report it was because I thought the shop wouldn't take me seriously and they would think it was my own fault.
A few months ago we used a disability trolley in ASDA Pontprennau and the handle of the trolley came off and so I reported it to customer services and as I left the shop I saw the staff return the trolley to the trolley area. I reported the trolley twice more and now it stands in the trolley area MINUS a handle! This is how much ASDA Pontprennau cares about the health and safety of their customers.

Today I encountered A Yummy Mummy and I had the sincere desire to knock her out!
She and her bratty children needed a dose of Super Nanny.
Her way of dealing with her children reminded me of the Doctor Spock devotees of the 70's and
80's.I once knew a mother who believed that the works of Doctor Spock were the only way to bring up your children, instead of telling her children off when they were naughty she would 'divert their energies' into something else. Two of her children ended up using drugs and one resorted to serious crime to feed his habit.
Yummy Mummy's overly loud, whining daughter drove me to distraction with her constant questioning of WHY WAS THE QUEUE SO LONG.
Her son swinging constantly on the queue barriers and tipping the barriers over and Yummy Mummy telling the daughter to leave the son alone and let him play!
And Yummy Mummy seemingly unaware of the danger her son was to himself and other customers.
It was this unawareness that 'fished' me off most.
AND yes I have been there when your children drive you to distraction and you let them do almost anything so they will give you a break BUT it wasn't anything like that.
Yummy Mummy was blithely unaware and appeared perfectly in tune with the universe.
This all happened in the Bistro queue in IKEA and SnoWhite who works there has recounted many tales of the 'Yummy Mummy' and their children and how they behave and I now believe every word of the stories she comes home with about their obnoxious behavior.
Amongst many punters who use the IKEA food facilities there seems to be the impression that those who work there are stupid people and are there to be verbally abused.
From what I know though,many of the workers are doing A Levels, are in college or are in university and even so, working full time in the catering industry is nothing to be ashamed of.
We live in an age where manual work is more and more despised and not treated with respect.
I may be a qualified nurse and teacher but over the years I have worked as a cook,waitress,dish washer, cleaner, housekeeper,nanny and various forms of shop work and I am very proud to have done these things.
All my girls have worked part time whilst they have studied and because of this they were able to buy things and do things and go places that they wouldn't otherwise been able to.

Now that was good BLOG RANT.....I haven't done that in ages.
Almost as good as a bowl of strawberry Ice Cream!

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Steve said...

OK I am going to make a point of never ever shopping at Ikea! The escalator thing sounds horrendous but you've no need to feel responsible... this is the kind of thing that the store should check for on a weekly basis and if they haven't they are hugely at fault... and are breaking health and safety directives.




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.