Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This morning I was very grateful that Beauty went with the childminder......I needed time out after she smashed all the eggs she could find in the fridge!
And you know the phrase I'M GOING TO KNOCK YOUR LIGHTS OUT?
Well she literally just did that, she punched the light shade in the lounge and knocked all the lights in the house out.Thankfully they had only tripped!
So now she has gone to bed.

Today Beauty and I went shopping and contrary to popular belief.......I HATE SHOPPING!
First let me make this clear, I go shopping about twice a year to town and that is twice too much!I have to really want something to go to town for it.
I prefer to shop in small local shops or places where it is easy to park.
But that being said I hate shopping at ASDA Pontprennau which is not only local but easy to park in.
And why don't I like it there?
Well the list is endless but here is to mention a few.
-Supply and demand is a non-existent concept to ASDA, they can run out of staple food products for days!
-Clothes may come into the shop in say 2 of each size and when they are sold they get no more stock.
-One disabled shopping trolley was broken for 6 months and I reported it broken 3 times.
-The car park is full of pot-holes
and that is without mentioning customer service!
I go to SHAWS the drapers in Llanrumney for bedding and linens and wool because it is easy to park and close to home,about 5 minutes drive.
I buy pig and rabbit food at the ironmongers at Rhydypennau because it is close to home and easy to park and just further up is the fruit and vegetable shop. But I am going to try the farm shop in the Lisvane lanes this week to see what it is like, we tried the one near Marshfield but it was rubbish.
Art supplies in The Range on Newport Road and also at WHAT! again because of parking.
Blooms the nursery......I could go on but I am sure I am boring you!
I may come across as a precious ECO Princess but I promise my choices are purely because I hate large shops.
But one large shop I do like is the pumping station at the bottom of Penarth Road which is full of small antique shops and give me a car boot sale where I can look for books and linens and paintings and I am totally happy.
Beauty loves the boot sales too as she gets to buy new toys!!!!!
But today our shopping was confined to nails from Wilkinson's on Colchester Avenue, canvas artboard fromDunhelms on Newport road and fabric and bags and lunch with Sali at IKEA.

Oh and last thing we went to B&Q for cup hooks.
And that's without me getting started on the joys of internet shopping!
Beauty was especially affectionate today and inisted we dance around B&Q, I think she was trying to teach me to Salsa!She held me very close indeed!

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Steve said...

Shop on-line - honestly it's a lot less hassle and they deliver right to your door. And you never have to worry about parking!




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
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May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.