Friday, May 29, 2009


In the last few weeks Beauty has gone through another developmental leap as far as language and understanding and speech is concerned.
This was confirmed yesterday when Beauty got upset with SnoWhite for not letting her do something and Beauty turned around and gave SnoWhite one almighty punch.
Beauty turned around and slugged her!
It was quite a shock but not such a surprise that SnoWhite immediately PUNCHED(well a forceful push really) her back!
Sisters being sisters they all fight sometimes(well some more than others!) but I have for years been telling Ariel not to pick on Fiona as she will turn around and punch her back but Ariel was all blase OH NO, I COULD BEAT FIONA IN A FIGHT!
Until, I think it was just before Christmas,Ariel said something very unkind to Fiona and it was the straw the broke the camels back!
Fiona lamped Ariel and Ariel was left crying,more with shock than pain!
Well answer me this, if you are only 5ft 9in are you really going to someone who is over 6 feet tall EVEN IF they are younger than you? Not a wise move there Ariel!
Heck she scares me!
Well back to the developmental leap.
Now when Beauty is told it is time to go to bed she says Not bed and Not bed now and No bed!
And when she asks for a drink she says Drink Please, red juice not orange juice!
I can also get her to help me tidy away her toys and when she asks for cereal, I can get her to get the cereal,milk and sprinkles(sugar) and put them all away afterwards.
However,her ingenuity as an escapologist increases daily!
She has escaped the front window, heck I can't even open that!
She has escaped through the back gate a number of times to dance in the street!!!!! don't even go there! which has made me lock the back gate whenever we are in the house!
And she knows when we are out if she runs off her Mobility Challenged Mother(you can call me a cripple!) will have difficulty keeping up with her!

Beauty on our visit to Roath Park

The other day Runningman and myself took Beauty for a walk around Roath Park lake and at one point Beauty ran off and I had to walk fast to grab her and I wasn't pleased as it hurt.....A LOT!
So I turned to Runningman and said
He was not a happy bunny!
Yesterday Ariel arrived in Florida and fell exhausted into a bed and Woody fell asleep next to her.......well Belle took a photo and posted it on Facebook and when Beauty saw it she said
Also yesterday the IT man visited and Beauty is usually in school when he calls but a few months ago he called when she was off school ill and she was thrilled that he had brought his dog with him.Well he showed up yesterday straight from work so no dog in tow and when she saw him she immediately pushed passed him into the study and said DOG(I have a basket there for the dog)?
She was very disappointed to find no dog.
And Beauty has discovered something on the internet called STARFALL CAMP.
This is a brilliant website for teaching your child to read and Beauty found it all by herself and before I had never known how much Beauty could read and from this site I can tell she knows A LOT.Her reading is probably a lot better than other children her age.
As yet she hasn't made the connection that with all this reading knowledge she can read books on her own.
Do you know that even at my advanced age and not being able to remember things that happened yesterday,I can remember the first time I was able to read at home a book that wasn't a school reading was a surprise, a delightful surprise.I remember being thrilled at what I could do and the thought now of a life without words and books and reading would not be a life at all.
I can remember the book now,not the story just the book.
I was a childs story book and it was a thin,blue paperback book.


Steve said...

Sounds to me as if Beauty is becoming a very sussed little girl indeed!

LAA and Family said...

It's been a LONG time since I've visited, but I'm glad to hear how Beauty's speech is progressing! We have "red juice" in our house too! That's what my kids call fruit punch.




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