Friday, February 22, 2008


I recently read a news story that said that in our life time we spend over a year doing laundry!
All I could think was WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!
It made me think about a friend that I had about 18 years ago and was a mother at SnoWhites nursery.At the time she was about 40 and was expecting a baby and she was always telling me about her house work and all the things that she did every day. At the time she made me feel quite guilty because I seemed to do so little in comparison. She would wash and dry and iron and put away all her washing everyday, as well as clean her house from top to bottom daily.Whereas, I would iron only what really needed to be ironed and most things were stacked in tubs on the pantry shelves until I managed to take them upstairs. Even today my everyday clothes very rarely make it to the wardrobe upstairs and this morning Beauty and I were dressed completely with clothes that came out of the wash basket.
I have definitely achieved a lot in the last 18 years but it would definitely been a lot less if I spent MORE time on laundry.
Afew weeks ago, Ariel said that she couldn't understand how I as a mother had produced such lazy children, meaning SnoWhite
I know some people love doing housework but I'm certainly not one of them though I do love the results of a clean house after the cleaning up.
Ariel said a few weeks ago that she couldn't understand how I as a mother could produce such lazy children as herself and SnoWhite and Fiona.I have also wondered that a few times!


Casdok said...

There is so much more to life than housework!! :)

Steve said...

We're practically an ironing-free household: only what needs to be ironed and when it needs to be ironed. Everything else gets a good stretch and a shake to remove the kinks. Works every time and takes a mere second!

Anonymous said...

I live by the rule that housework should never ever take over one's life!!!




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
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