Saturday, February 02, 2008


Well according to NCIS anyway. In the episode where Magee's book is discovered they describe a blog as something that losers write!
Well Fiona and I heard this and looked at each other and fell about laughing!
Who cares?
Not me.
NCIS is my favourite TV show and I love Abby and I wish I were young enough to dress like her(well sometimes anyway) and I would love to have had black hair but I do sometimes wear my hair in pigtails.

Very slow progress on Mansfield Park whilst my reading of the Eva Brun biography is going well and very interesting.Reading about the German way of life is very interesting especially considering our German family(to Be!).
I feel so sorry as a woman,for the situation that Eva Braun found herself in and I am so glad that my life and mistakes were never quite as public.
Love is such a strange thing.

I am sorry I have not blogged earlier but with one computer down it is very difficult to access the computer. When Beauty is not on the computer she can be found watching videos, watching TV, playing with her toys, flooding the kitchen floor or smashing eggs! She is so into everything at the moment that she has to be watched 24/7.
Beauty has also started to eat a wider range of things and for tea last night she had fish fingers and spaghetti hoops, hoops as in
Life on Mars
Gene: I'm Gene Hunt. Your DCI. And it's 1973. Nearly dinner time. I'm 'aving hoops
She also loves mini Pringles, Wotsits, raw cabbage and lettuce!


Casdok said...

Yes i saw that on NCIS last night to! Cheak!! Abby is fab isnt she!!

Steve said...

Gene Hunt has done the impossible. Made spaghetti hoops not only cool but also dead hard!

Marla said...

I find it quite amusing, all the talk on in the news, "the bogosphere is saying" and the "the bloggers are in an uproar!" or other such sayings. It seems funny to be a blogger. I don't think we are losers either. I do have a friend that thinks people who blog do so just to make their insignificant lives seems significant. Terrible.

Anonymous said...

I must be a loser too!
(laughing)... I can cope with that!

Unknown said...

I've never seen the show. And I'm a loser too-who cares?

LAA and Family said...

I think established media types are really afraid of us bloggers. Who knows, we might some day make them irrelevant! Most of the time I'd much rather visit my blogging friends and check out new blogs than turn on the television.

I have recently discovered that Samuel likes to get into eggs also. He likes to "cook" things and it often involves an egg in some way. Fortunately I usually hear him talk about needing an egg first and can avert any potential messes.




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