Saturday, August 07, 2010


Being the old fashioned,traditional busy body that I am, one of things that I noticed in the USA when we visited last summer was the use of tumble dryers.
Whilst I have one, I try never to use mine but the family we stayed with seemed to use theirs constantly and it seemed to be that it was not because they were lazy in any way, it just seemed that this was the cultural norm.
There are a number of reasons why I do not use my dryer and
the main reason has to be because it is GREEN.
However, scratch the surface and I would be the first to admit that I do it because I am MEAN rather than GREEN!
Hey, I would rather waste my money on what I want to waste my money on that line the pockets of power companies with their fat bonuses and profits.
Living in green and beautiful Wales does not make eco living that easy because one of the main reasons that Wales is so green is because of the RAIN.
BUT since making a decision to be more eco-friendly with regards to my laundry, I have more than halved my electricity usage which means more money for me and less for the electricity company.
Wherever possible, I put my laundry outside on the washing line to dry and even in winter, if it isn't raining then the washing goes on the line

I found that being a visitor in another persons house very difficult because I did not want to use the tumble dryer because I knew how much money it was costing and they thought it was strange that I did not want to use the tumble dryer.

I also wanted to do everything myself , washing, cleaning and cooking so I would not be an added burden and to show my gratitude at their hospitality.

I also try not to use the tumble dryer because over time it damages clothes.

This is the lint taken from the lint trap in my tumble dryer.
When I used to dry daily, this was the amount that I would take from the lint trap daily.
This amount is from weeks of 5 minute dryings.
Now that cannot be good for your clothes.

Not using a tumble dryer is something that takes organisation and once you get into the routine of it then it isno more hard work than using a tumble dryer except you save money on electricity and your clothes last longer!

If it is not raining then the clothes go on the washing line in the back garden but if it rains then they go on the dryer in the shower room.

It was difficult to photograph this room but beyond the dryer where the toilet and shower is it is quite spacious.

I usuall finish off the clothes on the iron cycle in the tumble dryer for 5 minutes and then most things do not need ironing.....which of course I love!
But then of course there is over the door drying.
This is usually reserved for throws.
All my sofas etc are covered in throws because Beauty is a mucky pup and these have to be washed weekly.....even in winter.
Hence the need for doors!

They also take 5 minutes in the dryer but usually these have dried overnight so very little time needed there.

I also hang dry things from doors(who doesn't?)

I ALWAYS seem to have something soaking of Beauty's in the kitchen
Laundry is my LIFE!

I am a proper MRS RUGGLES!

Talking of mucky pups(we were I promise!), APRONS or a pinny as we call them.

A 'must have' Beauty otherwise I just would not get the washing clean and it also saves so much washing.

Routine has definitely been the answer when it comes to laundry in my house.

I have a designated ironing corner and thankfully I have enough room to keep the ironing board up all the time so it is always ready to use.

And close by is the ironing basket which is affectionately called the Magic Porridge Pot because it is ALWAYS full.
I don't think people realise how much physical work it takes to keep one 9 year old clean and tidy!

Then next to the ironing is a wardrobe.
YES, I have a wardrobe downstairs and it is a life saver.
With the spinal arthritis that I have it has become increasingly painful to be going up and downstairs so the majority of Beauty and my clothes I keep upstairs but our everyday clothes I keep in a wardrobe in the back kitchen and it is wonderful to be able to iron our clothes and put them straight away.It is also wonderful when you have such a messy child to be able to have
instant access to clean clothes.

That's right, as you can see from the picture ,I have a wardrobe next to my freezer in the kitchen!!!!!!

However,some things have to be put away upsairs and this is where it is stored until I go upstairs next.
On a table in the hall.

I know that a lot of people who read this will think OH IT IS QUICKER IN THE TUMBLE DRYER but I can honestly say from experience that it really isn't and I certainly find that this method produces a lot less ironing.
Having Beauty, who has a sincere desire to be dirty all the time, the biggest problem I find with laundry is the constant nature of it.
I wonder how my ancestors would have coped with Beauty.
On a bad day , the washing machine is going constantly and I only use a short eco-wash!
I would like to write more BUT the 9 year old is out of bed and insisting on checking out The Sesame Street site on the computer!


Steve said...

We have a washer/drier combi and while the little one is so young it's made life more convenient... but cheaper? No. It's a bugger to maintain. I look forward to the day when we can ditch it. Not quite sure when that day will be though!


I know what you mean Steve.
Once,Beauty had to be changed 6 times in one day, I am looking forward to her growing out of the baby stage!

Miss behaving said...

I feel the same about dryers.
Btw I have a piece of the same fabric, with the russian sort of dolls on, but mine's in green, gorgeous isn't it!




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