Sunday, January 13, 2008


I now have a VERY clean kitchen floor!
Beauty submerged it with water yesterday morning and I am so glad that my kitchen has large flag stones!
I was awoken at 2:30am by lads playing rugby in the street and I so I didn't really get back to sleep and so whilst Beauty was playing with the computer I must have dozed off in the chair. I awoke to the sound of cascading water!
She was quite thrilled with the situation but less thrilled when I shouted STOP IT as she ran away with her hands on her ears.

My increase in OJ, oranges and Immunace seems to be working as my upper respiratory tract seems to be clearing AND I have lost 6 pounds in weight! I am equally pleased with the clearing of the infection and the weight loss. Due to not feeling well I have been having a lot of vegetable soup so that might have helped with the weight loss. I felt so much better that last night I made a French Onion Soup from scratch and it was really good and as far as Weight Watchers is concerned it was Zero points. It was definitely a lot better than the tinned soup so I shall be making some more.
I am going to check out the internet for some other Zero Point soup recipes.


Casdok said...

Glad to hear you are begining to feel better and have a clean kitchen floor!!!

Steve said...

Ah - I love French Onion soup! In fact I'm a big soup fan anyway: easy to digest and the most efficient way of getting nutrients and energy into the body.

It's a real pity you can't make fried eggs, sausage and chips soup...!




An Irish Blessing

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