Monday, January 14, 2008


Yesterday evening I watched the new dramatisation of Sense and Sensibility. Whilst I have always been an avid reader, I have never had the inclination to watch the dramatisation of literary works but last night I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed watching it. Contrary to popular belief, I do not watch a lot of TV and I think it was the watching of the film Patriot Games AFTER reading the novel that put me off watching further dramatisations. The film Patriot Games was good but it just wasn't the book and About A Boy (although no great literary work!) really disappointed me. To me the book About A Boy centred a lot around the death of Kurt Coban and where was that in the film?
However,there are exceptions - Northanger Abbey and Tess.
But I must confess that the real attraction in these dramatisations lies in the actor Peter Firth.
YEP! I admit to being shallow.

I am definitely having a bad hair day!
I had to dry my hair with a hair dryer as I couldn't go out with it soaking and I ended up looking like Crystal Tips.


Marla said...

Bad hair days suck. I know, I have them all the time. :) I liked the movie About A Boy, but I had never read the book.

Casdok said...

I havent heard of Crystal Tips for years!!!!
Ive also been watching Sense and Sensibility, and am also shallow!!!

Steve said...

There is nothing shallow about watching a TV show just because a favourite actor apppears in it. I watched Lark Rise To Candleford on Sunday purely for Julia Sawalha...!

Anonymous said...

Oooh I hate those bad hair days...
... and yes, I too have been known to be shallow and watch a movie for very similar reasons...

Unknown said...

You watched Patriot Games and didn't mention Sean Bean? ?? ;D

I hate bad hair days too.

I have never seen Sense and Sensibility--the one w/Emma Thompson.

I'm a big Austen fan and I just watched the newest version of Persuasion. Did you see that?




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