Friday, May 11, 2012


Anyone else feel like we have entered a Twilight Zone and we are in an alternate universe as far as the price of food is concerned?

Today I did a VERY small shop at ASDA and bought this little lot for almost £24.
Anyone else out there think this is a lot of money for such a small amount of food and for a shop that is over 80% Own Brands ?
I totally realise that those who produce the food and sell it have to make a profit to provide jobs and a livelihood for others but I truly believe that we have entered scary times.
I have the added problem that my 11 year who is profoundly autistic still has selective eating issues and will only eat certain branded items and for those I have no choice but to buy Robinson's squash or Yoplait fromage frais.
I also buy vitamins and supplements that help with my health issues and supplements of course because I am a woman of a certain age  :)
 I do not think that those in the upper echelons of our government have any idea what it is like for the little people who need to buy food and pay their bills and pay their mortgage or rent  on a very small amount of money.
I think the members of parliament need to get involved in some Life Swaps , similar to the Wife Swap show .

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Unknown said...

I don't know if you remember me, but I used to be active on blogger a few years ago. Hope you are doing well.




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