Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Beauty had a Hauntingly Happy Halloween :)

My day started with the 'punky ' creation :) Whilst he will last a few day, he will not be staying in our house as long a Vada Sultenfuss 'mother kept her 'punky' :)
When Beauty was little she couldn't say Pumpkin but she could say Punky and so that is what she has called pumpkins ever since :)

This year we went to MacDonalds. After 10 years of Burger King it was decided that it was time for a change.
Beauty enjoyed it very much and really enjoyed her Tintin toy Snowy .
She also ate all her food and half of mine!
I only bought her a Happy Meal because I knew she had eaten earlier.
When she had finished her meal she then set about eating mine !

Me with my 'Skully' bobbles, I think they are pretty cool and even though I am 50 I have decided I shall never grow up.
Who says we have to ?

We also visited Ariel and Matt who were having a party, this is Ariel post-glitter bombing :)
Wednesday is practicing her scary stare !
Thank you for all the chocolate guys, Beauty :)

Beauty visiting Fiona :)
We were banned from glitter bombing Fiona as she was going out !
As you can see,Wednesday is stunned by the goodie pot and Halloween treasure that Fiona got for her.
My girls are such stars :)

And last but not least, Beauty visiting SnoWhite.
Beauty was very pleased with the Ripple bar that SnoWhite bought her BUT Beauty was very concerned about Snowhite and kept telling her to go and put some clothes on.
She didn't want SnoWhite to get cold :)
Plus the look on Beauty's face when SnoWhite was glitter bombed was classic,Beauty looked totally shocked but she obviously like it because she started to jump up and down and stim furiously :):):)

I have to say a special thanks to my wonderful girls for making Beauty's first ever Trick or Treating such a wonderful success, she totally loved it.
We will definitely be back next year girls so definitely stock up on the chocolate :):):)

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Steve said...

Wow. You plainly do Halloween big time!




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