Thursday, January 25, 2007


Ariel has been accepted for Exeter to do Arabic, I would have preferred for her to go to St Andrews(far, far away!) but she likes the idea of Exeter. One of her cousins is already there and another cousin has applied for this year. Ariel wants to join the army and do officer training, Ariel is the one who spontaneously makes noises, sings loudly, keeps me awake with her chatting and seems to have a run away gob and we call her Tourettes girl. I am ok with her joining the army but if she gets a posting to a war zone I have warned her that I shall tell the army about her undiagnosed Tourettes(think about it, Tourettes in a war zone! scary).I think she would be good teaching Arabic in some safe army training college(well I can hope can't I?). I have also told Ariel that when she joins the army I shall tell her instructors that if anything untoward happens to Ariel(i.e Deepcut!) I will hunt them down for the rest of time and I mean it!Ariel is not impressed with that.
Anyway, a 4 year degree, then army training should mean that we will be out of Afghanistan and Iraq!
I know , we will probably be in somewhere like Iran by then!
Anyway, as we are on the subject of Tourettes girl.........she has broken a toe and I had to take her to the fracture clinic this morning, during rush hour traffic! Not just the rush hour traffic but she also demanded money with menaces GIVE ME MONEY OR I WILL TORTURE YOU WITH MY PRESENCE FOR THE REST OF THE DAY! £2 was enough to get rid of her! Rush hour traffic and mugged by a 17 year old is a bit much for a thursday morning when you are lacking sleep. Thankfully Fiona has no predisposition towards Tourettes, attitude but no Tourettes thank goodness!
Yesterday in my blog I talked about my friend and there had been a murder around the corner from where he lived,well it seems it is a neighbour of his that has been killed. We live in such a sad world, why do people have to do such terrible things to each other. It seems that she may have been attacked for her handbag, most people would give you their last penny if they thought you really needed it but killing for what was probably only a small amount of money is so pointless. A life snuffed out for maybe a handful of change because who takes a lot of money with them on a night out?

Another pointless attack!
Why are people just so mean? Dooce regularly does an entry on all the hate mail she receives.
This is one of the blogs that I read BLOGGERTROPOLIS, read this recent entry Television Is Evil (Apparently) and the indicated comments.
Not only does Anonymous feel it is their divine right to be mean to someone else but they also are such cowards they cannot even sign their name. I may give my opinions on others on TV
but you know my name and you can email me and tell me if you think I am being unfair or a sh*t anytime you want to . What is it with cyberbullying? I think it is a bit like the school text bullies who are so big and strong that they do what they do anonymously.
I am not ashamed to watch TV and enjoy it. As a family we watch a lot less TV than other people we know because we do such a lot with our lives but that doesn't give anyone else the right to be so pompous and judge us. Last time I looked the laws of this country said that watching TV was not illegal(not even reality TV!) and as I have free agency I shall continue to exercise my free agency doing something that I enjoy that hurts no one else. So please Anonymous- BOG OFF!

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Thank you! Only just spotted this piece on your blog. Your support is much appreciated.




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.